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  • love the proliferation of video cameras!

  • Wow. They stuck around for quite some time after they broke the window. Plenty of opportunity to be caught but they don’t care. I think we all need to invest in cameras like this one. Might help get more of these little sh”ts caught…

    • I’d love to see that happen on my block while I’m next to my baseball bat…

      I have been looking for an easy home video system. Is there any way to easily record an 8-12 hour day on a camera without having to use a computer?

      • gotryit

        yeah, the system comes with a DVR – so it has it’s own hard drive in it. Can store well more than 8-12 hours.

  • So all of that, and the dude in the white shirt leaves with nothing but a banana?

    • You can see him emptying the loose change from the ashtray into his pocket. So lame.

      That bag of clothes they left on the sidewalk was actually probably worth more than anything they took. Dummies.

    • Seriously, who leaves a banana in the car. That’s a delicious, healthy snack that can drive otherwise law abiding people to a life of crime.

  • Just kids having fun.

  • The cat on the porch was smart enough to get outta there!
    I wonder if it ever occurred to them to unlock the doors instead of crawling in and out of the window.

    • $20 says the bike was also stolen by these two little worthless bastards.

    • Opening the door will set off the alarm. It’s quieter to go through the window, though these dudes are so brazen they may not care either way.

      I think I may have seen the guy with long hair casing cars on Hobart Pl. He was riding down the street peeking into car windows in broad daylight. I called the police, but I don’t know whether anything came of it.

    • vz

      Opening the door, unlike breaking the window, would set off any factory car alarm.

      • You’ve also gotta ask yourself why car makers haven’t figured out a solution for this issue yet after all these years of break-ins – Because then they’d lose money on replacement parts!

  • Agreed, an open thread on which types of cameras others are using might help those of us who are still behind on that technology.
    So this happened almost a month ago, and no word that they’ve been caught? Too bad.

  • SO ANGRY! This isn’t even my car but the casualness of this happening mid-day just boils my blood.

  • I heard Serena Williams tweeted that it was the car’s fault for being parked there in the first place, allegedly.

    • haha! good one.

    • Serena did not “blame” the victim. She stated she shouldn’t have put herself in that situation- drinking to point of not being coherent- to where she may have been able to protect herself from the situation that happened. She did not defend the boys at all. Pretty much was advice to other 16yr old girls to not go out drinking etc and for parents to protect their kids.

      How many times DO you have to tell people don’t leave any thing of value visible in vehicles. Yet they still do. By NO means are we defending criminals, but you have to be proactive in making yourself “Not” an easy target.

      Not sure if your comment was a joke or if you believed she blamed the victim as many did in some of the comments sections on the reports I’ve read.

      • I was joking but her comments were pretty bad and she deserves to be ridiculed for them. Here is a snippet.

        “She’s 16, why was she that drunk where she doesn’t remember? It could have been much worse. She’s lucky. Obviously I don’t know, maybe she wasn’t a virgin, but she shouldn’t have put herself in that position, unless they slipped her something, then that’s different.”

      • She most certainly did blame the victim and minimized the rape committed by these felons.

        “Do you think it was fair, what they got? They did something stupid, but I don’t know”

        1. They did somethign stupid?! So rape is “stupid”. It’s like, ya know, forgetting your car keys. Totally stupid.

        2. Is it fair they got (juvenile) jail time for sexually assaulting a person and taking photos of it?! She actually asked if the rapists were treated fairly in their sentencing. These “boys” should have been tried as adults and gone to prison. That’s fair.

        • I agree completely. Plus, what is that virgin comment about. So if she wasn’t a virgin it is ok to gang rape her. And she got lucky, could have been worse. Holy sh*t.

      • Seriously? “She shouldn’t have put herself in that situation” = blaming the victim. No question.
        “You shouldn’t have left your bag in your car” = blaming the victim. No question.
        In both cases the assertion is that the victim did something that increased the likelihood that a crime would be committed against them. That’s blame, plain and simple.
        And Serena’s apology was weak. “I’m sorry for what I “supposedly” said.” Really? Either you said it or you didn’t.

        • If you leave your front door unlocked and someone robs your house, am I “blaming the victim” when I tell you that you should have locked your front door? And even if I am (by your definition), I’m still making a valid point, right? Even if your definition of “blaming the victim” is correct (I don’t thik it is) it doesn’t mean that the statement is worthless and reprehensible.

        • it’s possible to hold complex ideas about situations in ones mind. and we can certainly teach people how to be more street smart. don’t leave things in your car is a pretty basic DC concept.

          “blame” and pointing out how to lessen your chances of being robbed are far from the same thing.
          if someone gets rained on and you tell them to get an umbrella, is that blaming the victim?
          it doesn’t negate the fact that you also feel bad that they got wet.

  • it looks like they left some pretty good finger prints on the driver side window

  • at least they were thorough. but they left too much DNA and prints. CSI crew would be all over that.

    • Good luck getting the DC MPD to bother with any of that.

      • Yeah, when my car was broken into (in the alley behind Corcoran, between 14th and 15th), MPD wasnt even interested in taking prints. They said, effectively, shit happens and we’re not going to bother. Assclowns stole an emergency car breakdown kit (like, with flares, and a little road sign and if they were lucky maybe some jumper cables) – it was in a black box so I suspect they thought it was a laptop – and certainly not worth much, especially compared to the cost of fixing the car window!

        • That is absolutely true. The only crimes that get investigated are homicides and large scale drug operations. Criminals have figured out that breaking into cars and shoplifting make more sense than mugging people or dealing drugs because there is virtually zero risk of getting caught.

    • Let me just check with the boys down at the crime lab. They just added two new detectives to the case. They have them working in shifts [laughter] …. Leads.

  • +1 on the surveillance cameras. Just wonder if even having video footage would be enough for MPD to pursue.

    • Yes, MPD takes this video.

      • … and does nothing with it. :-/

        • you need to meet more police officers

        • Exactly.

          Hell, I’ve returned a stolen purse I found in my trash can to a precinct very close to here and they wouldn’t even take it — even though it had a diabetes kit in it AND THE PERSON’S ID.

      • Why do you think that some people in DC complaint when police want to install cameras on the street, they want their kids to get some gifts for themselves, but they don’t want to be caught.

  • is every single perp left handed?

  • If the 2 guys that did this happen to be reading, I think I speak for everyone in kindly asking you to leave DC and never come back. You are not welcome here. DC has so many opportunities and you have wasted them away. Seriously. You are 1/4 mile from Howard University. Go walk around the campus and be inspired. But make your change elsewhere.

    • gotryit

      Remember that questions: who is the general popville audience…? But that would be funny if they did.

  • The brass of those two taking their sweet azz time. Thieves with half a brain smash, grab and go. Not spend two minutes next to the car checking the loot in the bags.

    And the kid crawling in and out must have left 2 or three complete sets of full hand finger prints on the door and roof, then again MPD couldn’t be bothered.

    I had a break in to my house last year and stole $1,200 worth of stuff and after forcefully insisting for more than an hour that they take prints, the cop said sorry.

    I then emailed him and cc’d Cathy Lanier two hours later expressing shock and disbelief that breaking and entering was so commonly accepted by MPD that you couldn’t even bother to take prints.

    Amazingly enough, a crew showed up 45 minutes later to dust for prints, and to top it all off the guy who broke in was (of course) in their system. Really it is hit and miss with MPD. Most of them can’t be bothered with doing anything related to “police work”.

    • Hell, I was gay-bashed 9 years ago and they didn’t even investigate the crime. My face was smashed in with a brick, but, because I am violent when pushed, the two punks who attacked me didn’t get anything – they ran off like the cowards they were. Because I couldn’t give a good description (it was dark and they hit me directly in my left eye socket), the Detective assigned the case basically called me once, told me to contact her if I saw them again (even though I told her I couldn’t recognize them) and that was that. When I let the LGBT liaison unit know months later – after a string of similar assaults – they were appalled but it was too late then.

      I agree with the poster downstream a bit though, the video is high enough quality for an extensive flyer action.

      • sorry about the experience – especially the police respnse

        maybe the video quality is what’s making the difference here. Beware of some of the ~$200-$300 systems. The quality is sometimes enough to tell that something happened, but not enough to make a good ID – hard for the police to work with.

        If you’re going be recording from a distance, try shooting for cameras with higher number of TV lines ~500-600 and full D1 recording on the DVR.

  • Given the level of interest the police showed when my car window was smashed, I’d be surprised if they even look at that video. They’ll come out a give you a report number for your insurance, and consider their duty done. They’re not going to pursue the criminals. You’d be naive (or a newcomer to DC) to think they would.

  • Just start taking screen shots and printing/posting them around the neighborhood when they are caught on camera. they are not going to be reading these blogs, but maybe they would think twice if they are flyer-ed all over.

  • To the reader who sent in the video: Do you know if the police ended up taking fingerprints off the car? Even if, from other comments on this thread, they seem reluctant to take prints for thefts from cars, I’d think they could make an easy case with the combination of a video like this and a couple of sets of fingerprints.

    Also, this might seem like a silly questions: do teens get fingerprinted when caught for petty crimes in DC?

    • gotryit

      I don’t know if they did in this case. I have seen them take prints off other car break-ins where I had video.

  • Looks like a police car passes on the cross street at the 0:07 mark. Can’t tell for sure though.

  • Such a youth thing to do

  • Fucking douchebags

  • The reader who sent this video to PoP should send it to every news station as well as the US Attorney’s Office. It just might get broadcast. And the likelihood of MPD investing resources in solving this crime is higher if it’s more widely publicized, as opposed to limited to a listserv. There’s more than enough footage here to positively identify and arrest both of those guys.

  • We saw these guys trying to break into a car early Sunday morning in the parking lot next to the 930 Club. I yelled at them, they apologizes and left the scene.

    • I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or naive. Do you need help reporting these things to the police?

      • +1 Seriously people! Even if they cops don’t do anything about it this time, you should still call!

    • They apologized? I suppose you’re lucky that was their reaction and not pulling a gun. Make sure to call 911 next time.

  • Can’t believe no one has mentioned http://www.dropcam.com – $150 shipped and $99/year for cloud storage for 7 days. We’re really happy with the product and service.

    • Probably because the quality over wireless isn’t great, it requires a monthly fee, and the camera quality looks questionable. Convenient, I suppose. It’s like the capitol bike share of security systems. No thanks.

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