Piola Launches Everyday Happy Hour from 5-8pm with “complimentary finger food”

2208 14th Street, NW

From an email:

Stop by Piola for our famous Happy Hour and enjoy amazing complimentary finger food and drink specials in a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

BEERS (Peroni & Miller Lite) $3

Complimentary finger foods are served at the bar. (Mainly, pizzas, gnocchi, different types of Piola rolls filled with Parma ham, mozzarella, and other ingredients, Spicy Olives, Cheeses & Meats with Focaccia, Guacamole, Chicken & Veggie Skewers, and sometimes risotto with Porcini mushrooms.)

Finger Food Sample Pics

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  • How can their HH be famous if they just opened?

    • This isn’t their first location in the area.

    • They have one in Rosslyn that’s very popular. When I worked over there, it was our go-to spot for happy hour–nice place, with cheap drinks and the free food which isn’t enough to fill you up but perfect to snack on while having a few drinks.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I went here during the soft opening and got a pizza to go. I was pleasantly surprised that it is a very nice sit-down restaurant. They were offering around bites of pizza. It’s very good thin crust pizza with some of the tastiest tomatoes I’ve had in years. PS They have other locations that’s how they can be “famous”

  • I went the opening week and thought the pizza was good. The space also looked nice. They have a back patio area but it didn’t look like it was finished yet.

  • This is one hell of an awesome bar. You cats are going to love it. Incredible happy hour specials, and a stellar wine list. I could blow most of my paycheck here.

  • Guacamole? Ole, arrivederci

  • The “complimentary finger food” is pretty close to false advertising. I ate at the bar once during this happy hour recently. When I arrived, there was one plate of potato chips sitting in front of two patrons where it wasn’t at all clear that the chips were for everybody. Much later, a second plate of potato chips was brought around. It was offered to each person at the bar once, and then also set down in a location where it could not be easily shared. Just as I was leaving (over an hour after I arrived) a piola roll sliced into pieces was brought around, presented in the same way. So, two bites of a pizza roll and a handful of chips in over an hour. That was it.

    You don’t have to offer free food, but if you do and do it like this, you are just going to piss people off.

    (Also, I had a steak salad for dinner and it was very mediocre. I am not excited about this place. Surprised by the favorable comments above.)

    • The finger food comes in depending on how busy the bar is – so i am not sure how busy it was when you were there. we also don’t carry potato chips so i am thinking it might have been for some of our guests that evening. I am sorry if we did not meet your expectations but we normally give a good variety and a good amount of finger food – Our finger food is also meant to be more as a snack rather than dinner, regardless we never shy away from giving it out just to save a few bucks…
      I also wish you have informed your server or the manager about your salad… I am really sorry you didn’t enjoy it, i am sure our manager would have comp’d it. Anyway i hope you give us another chance during happy hour maybe 🙂

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