“Neighborhood H Street Foodie Tour” Sat. June 29th

From Taste DC:

Neighborfood: 1 Day, 8 Restaurants, 100’s of People, 1 Neighborhood..

Current Featured Restaurants:

1. Smith Commons
2. Sol Mexican Grill
3. Tru Orleans
4. The Queen Vic
5. Hikari Sushi
6. H & Pizza
7. Rose’s Deja Vu
8. TBA!

*** Note: Event is Rain or Shine ***

Neighborfood is an afternoon celebration of food, family, and the community we live in.
A neighborhood is defined by the community within it, so, for one afternoon, we will be inviting your neighbors to live it, love it, and eat in it, because as Virginia Woolf said “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

On Saturday, June 29th, We will be dining at 8 different restaurants along the H Street Corridor which are all within walking distance. Your ticket will include food at each participating location, with drink specials to be offered.

We will be donating a portion of the proceeds to local nonprofits. Let’s celebrate the community and help it out, too!

How does it work?: A ticket is your invitation to dine at all 8 participating locations. During check-in, on the day of, you will receive a dinner map, which shows you all the places you will try and love.

Are tickets available day of?: Yes, but they will be $15 at check in, right now they are $10.

Food and beverage tickets will be available the day of for $5.

I’m a Vegetarian: We love and respect vegetarians, and there may be vegetarian dishes at various places, but, we cannot guarantee vegetarian options or any other dietary restrictions.

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  • This sounds like many of the “Taste of ____” events that I’ve participated in. It’s a shame you are only working with 8 H Street restaurants. There are plenty more that I’d like to try.

    Also, is this an all day thing, dinner only? The eventbrite page and this post don’t specify times at all.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Sorry about that:

      “June 29th from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (Saturday)
      Registration is at Smith Commons, 1245 H Street, NE Washington, DC 20002”

  • Too bad TruOrleans is in the list. That place is permenantly blacklisted to me, no exceptions. Worst restaurant and staff ever.

    • How is that place still open?

      • I think it’s the roof deck. I live a few blocks away, and we go occasionally for happy hour drinks and wings, but have never had an actual meal there. It’s pretty consistently crowded, but the service is consistently awful, so I can’t explain it.

      • No idea, it always seems to be empty when I wonder by aside from a few people on the patio. I would very much love for something new, and actually halfway decent food and service-wise, to move into that space.

    • you ain’t never lie! it’s the WORST EVER

  • justinbc

    Some of these places are good, some not so much, but I really hope they aren’t trying to do them in order like this with a group because that would have them constantly walking up and down H Street, rather than going straight down.

  • Interesting choices for the lineup. The only one I can say is outstanding is H&Pizza. With all the restaurants on H, why these?

    • Why not? Smith Commons is good, albeit a bit pricey. Queen Vic is good too. Haven’t tried many of the others.

      • Yeah you’re right. Smith Commons does have good food. I just don’t care for the atmosphere there. I haven’t tried Queen Vic’s food since their chef changeover, but before it was just typical pub food, so eh.

        Sol was highly disappointing, but maybe they’ll iron out the kinks as time goes on. Hikari is ok, not spectacular, not bad. Never been to Rose’s and Tru Orleans is a mess (though a very nice space).

  • If you’re truly “foodies” don’t bother with Tru Orleans… nothing tru about it at all

  • Agreed with most of the comment here on the participating restaurants, and as I asked before. Why only 8? Here are my experience with the listed places.

    1. Smith Commons – Very good food and service: A
    2. Sol Mexican Grill – not immpressed and poor service: D+
    3. Tru Orleans – Haven’t tried because I’ve heard similar comments: D-
    4. The Queen Vic – Heard good things and am interested to try: A-
    5. Hikari Sushi – Don’t eat sushi, but heard it’s decent: B
    6. H & Pizza: Been back more times than I can count, but they need a second oven to offer more timely service: A-
    7. Rose’s Deja Vu: Not familiar with at all: NA
    8. TBA!

    Here are places I love, that I think they should have included:

    – Le Grenier
    – Boundary Road
    – Big Board
    – Cusbah
    – Liberty Tree
    – Atlas Room
    – Granville Moores
    – Sticky Rice
    – Shawafel
    – Ethiopic

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