Mila Discount Clothing Store Closing at 14th and U St, NW

2015 14th Street, NW

The discount clothing store Mila is closing on 14th Street just north of U Street. A worker at the store said he heard a “convenience store” would be replacing them. More details when they become available.


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  • No big loss. Though a “convenience store” probably won’t help the issue of the hecklers/loiterers that are on that stretch of sidewalk 24/7.

  • This has always been one of my favorite places on U street. They have really cute boots and the guy who runs the register is very nice. I got there in time yesterday to grab two shirts and two pairs of boots in my size, but the racks are nearly bare at this point.

    The guy told me that they are moving to Lakeforest Mall, so it’s not a going out of business situation.

    • From what I hear the guy that works there hits on everything that walks into his store. And I’ve heard that from 5 separate female friends of mine. I’m not sure if it was the owner or just someone who works the register there.

  • A convenience store AKA 7-11 will ruin this block. Sad day.

    • Seriously. The one at 14th and Columbia is responsible for 90% of the trash floating around that block. Disgusting place.

    • Uh there’s already a 7-11 right around the corner…

    • Maybe a new 7-11 could run the other one out of business for being so gross . There is a new 7-11 in Silver Spring that is so far being kept spotless and free of loiterers..

  • More like an inCONvenience!!!

  • This actually has a very large retail footrprint and would command a very high rent. I’m assuming Mila had a 10 year lease from 2003 and now can’t afford the astronomical rent.

    I’m really surprised that a convenience store is going in here. It’s way too big for your typical convenience store. I’m wondering if it will be more like a Marvelous Market or the Best DC Supermarket on U Street.

  • The owners are 2 brothers and good friends of mine. They are two of the most hardworking and respectable men I know. A lease with 7-11 is about to, if not already, be signed.

  • Awe man. I remember shopping there in my early 20’s when I lived on New Hampsire & the U street area was dramatically different. (The mcdonalds had no seating just standing sections!). I was always impressed that they were still open after all this time.

  • I believe this location is subject to the 14th street overlay. Given the size of the space its hard to imagine it could support anything but another restaurant or I guess convenience store. the overlay restricts a lot of uses in an attempt to encourage others. Never quite works that way.

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    • Anonymous 9:47 am and Anonymous 12:05 pm, shame on both of you. Anonymous 9:47, you didn’t need to call attention to John’s incorrect word choice. Anonymous 12:05 pm, no need for the personal dig at the earlier Anonymous. Play nice, people!

  • The last thing we need around here is another food and/or beverage establishment, I don’t care if it’s 7-11 or a cheese and wine shop. We need things like mom and pop hardware stores, a decent clothing store for both MEN and women that’s not discount and not totally boutique. Or how about a gift shop? A mainstream bookstore (yes people still read printed books)? Something fun????

  • Mila’s is indeed located in the Arts Overlay district, and they approached the neighbors (Wallach Place etc.) about getting their support for a variance so they could rent to a restaurant. They claimed that the only offers they were getting were from restaurants because nobody else could afford the rent. The neighbors balked. So, we now will have a 7-11.

    Thanks, Wallach Place.

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