Mandalay Burmese Restaurant Coming to Shaw, Hoping to Open Early July

9th and P Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Have you heard any scuttlebutt lately on what, if anything, is going on with the Mandalay restaurant coming in theory to Shaw? It looks to my untrained eye like it is 90% done, but there has been practically zero visible progress in the last few months. I’ve been to the Silver Spring outpost multiple times and loved it – looking forward to having them so close and hope that this is just a temporary delay!!”

It’s no theory – Mandalay is still coming! I spoke with the owners on the phone who tell me that they are just waiting on final permits and hope to open up by early July. You can see their Silver Spring menu here.

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  • It’s a Burmese restaurant, not an Indian restaurant. And the one in Silver Spring is really great.

  • I hope their owner/manager (big guy who runs FOH) makes it down to the new location. He’s great!

  • any dishes especially recommended?
    I remember there being a post that they were trying a “Tasting menu” only option…vegetarian, please! we live around the corner, are excited for a new place to go that isn’t 14th St!

    • Honestly everything I’ve had at the Silver Spring location has been amazing. I’m vegetarian too. I heard the Shaw location will be more upscale, so I’m not sure what that means (besides higher prices), but at the Silver Spring location, I especially love:
      V10. PePyar NgaYoteThee Hin: Lightly fried tofu and Asian hot pepper simmered in onion tomato base curry (very spicy)
      V13. Tofu Ohnno Hin: Lightly fried tofu cooked with coconut cream curry sauce with extra vegetables
      SL01. Baya Gyaw Thoke (Gram Fritter Salad): Gram fritter, tomato, cabbage, onion, and fresh cilantro tossed with Burmese dressing, garnished with fried onion and carrots (ask for vegan dressing)

      Honestly, you can’t go wrong here.

  • I hope they deliver!

  • Oh man, I’ve been going to Mandalay since I was in high school! Started back when it was in a stripmall in College Park. There tons of delicious vegetarian food–their samosas are the best I’ve had in the DC area.

  • The only problem I have with this is that I want Mandaly to be open right this second! I actually kind of hope they don’t deliver, because I will eat my weight in curry sauce!

    I remember one of the previous articles mentioning that it will be different from the silver spring location in that it will have a fixed menu a la thai xing. I think someone else above thread mentioned this. Anyone know if that’s the case?

    • So basically it’s going to cost you $50 to walk in the door?

      • Well, the article says he hopes to keep the price point around $30-$40. Still, I’d rather it just be a regular experience where I can just order from a menu. Either way, I’ll still be eating there!

  • Ginger salad, green tea leaf salad, kaukswe thokee thoke (noodle salad with tofu and tamarind). The mango pork at Burma is better, but theirs isn’t too shabby.

  • Here’s a link to the article that talks about the set menu ($30-$40 for 8-9 courses, with two seatings a night).

  • Mandalay is the best! This is great news.

  • this will be big news for the corner too… will be nice to get their construction fencing out of there. any hope for a patio?

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