Signage Up for G and Kapnos Coming to 14th and W St, NW

14th and W Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“I noticed tonight that the signage is up for G (in the shadows to the left in this pic, sorry!) and Kapnos. Getting close!”

Last we heard they were planning on opening early summer. Stand by for an exact date soon!

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  • Maybe they’ll open before the YMCA, which has been pushed back until September!

  • How is Mike Isabella opening another restaurant? I’ve been to both Graffiato and Bandolero and been so underwhelmed by the price vs. food that it’s shocking he’s getting enough patronage to afford opening a third place. Then again, when you get away with charging $18 for a plate of 2.5 gnocchi drenched in some God-awful truffle sauce, I guess the coffers fill up quickly…

    • For the same reason there is a line down the block for Georgetown Cupcakes. There are a surprising number of people out there who think consuming something linked to an enterprise that has been on TV will … well …. I’m not really sure what. But they do it. In spades.

  • Graffiato is good. Bandolero is his redheaded stepchild- he is under a management agreement there, but has no ownership interest. I think he’ll treat Kapnos more like he treats Graffiato.

  • Does anyone know the proposed hours of operation? I live across the street and I’m very concerned about the outdoor seating lasting until the early morning hours during the week. I wanted to go the ANC hearing but the hearing information was unreadable because it was posted behind the construction fencing.

  • flieswithhoney….Maybe you should move to the suburbs.

    • Hilarious. I wasn’t aware that being concerned over outdoor seating at 1am directly across from my window makes me suburban. I thought it meant I was an adult with a job.

      • But you live 2 blocks from U St. I go to work at 4:30am on Sunday and U St looks like rush hour at that time. Why would a restaurant a couple blocks away (where there’s already a ton) make any difference?

        • Because 1am is the proposed closing time for outdoor seating during the week, not Sunday. And it’s directly across the street not a couple of blocks away.

          • It’s a part of living in a city. Rather than try to block small business and a thriving city from having decent food late at night, I’d suggest you look for another apartment to rent. There’s plenty of new buildings going up and I’m sure there’s one for you.

  • this guy is the absolute worst. i will absolutely be avoiding this under all circumstances.

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