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  • Mediocre sandwich is mediocre. Better than Subway, but that’s like saying bone cancer is better than lymphatic cancer. Still, ripe with nostalgia for those who subsisted off this garbage in college and high school. 

    • Agreed. There’s nothing gourmet about JJ’s. I may or may not be guilty of loving the #12 Beach Club.

    • Agreed on so many points. Go back to the midwest, JJ. You are teh suck.

    • Saying Jimmy John’s is slightly better than Subway despite both being bad is not analogous to saying bone cancer is slightly better than lymphatic cancer despite both being awful cancer, so what’s the difference. Beyond how absurd of a statement that is, lymphatic cancer is typically going to be a better diagnosis to receive than bone cancer.

  • I love JJ’s! Glad to see them expanding. It’s good for a quick bite, plus I love that they deliver and sell day old bread for like 50 cents.

  • looks obnoxious

    • Yeah, obnoxiously delicious!

      How big do their delivery areas tend to be? I’m a couple miles away, but I hope I’m in range.

  • meh
    I’m glad that Jetties expanded to Something Sweet on Macomb so if I want a real sandwich I don’t have to go all the way over to the original Jetties.

  • I don’t know how one can manage to get violent diarrhea from eating a sub, but the one time I tried Jimmy john’s I was stuck in a Jiffy John all night. Never again.

  • Considering that Taylor and Jetties are already well established in town as “gourmet” sandwich shops, I’m guessing this mid-west upstart is going to have a tough time of it here. Seriously, why would anyone bother going there?

    • What precisely does gourmet mean, anyway? Jimmy John’s isn’t all about artisan breads and free range ham, just simple, quality sandwiches, made really fast. They really aren’t competing with Taylor or Jettie’s. That would be like Shake Shack competing with McDonald’s. They’re basically a simpler, somewhat higher-quality Subway.

      • My office orders from their all the time. They are quick, cheap and, as noted, better than subway. Also, you can actually get mayo and mustard on your sandwich.

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