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  • So that’s raw sewage? Gross!

  • I concur that that’s dirt and mud, not sewage. We had similar streams here in NoMA, not to mention Penn Quarter where I got caught during the storm.

    It’s a matter of too much water and too many impermeable surfaces causing all the water to drain faster that the storm drains can handle.

  • It’s also because many of the storm drains in the area are deliberately blocked, in a well intentioned effort to keep construction-related runoff from getting into the storm drain system all at once. The picture above is what results.

  • Any basement flooding in this area? I live around the corner in an apartment bldg and our basement units flooded Labor Day weekend of last year when we had torrential downpours. Many buildings had the same issue that weekend (including The Floridian on 9th/Florida), so I’m wondering if the same thing happened again.

  • I drove through New York Avenue and then Florida yesterday at 6.30pm-sh and it was all completely flooded. Rather crazy actually.

  • I imagine a lot of the problem is caused by trash blocking the sewer drain. I have one near my house and am always amazed by people that throw drink cups and garbage in the sewer as if it’s a trash can. I have to regularly request the sewer get cleaned out because the intersection floods (8th & Taylor NW).

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