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  • Needs more green! The house looks better – time for some landscaping. A tree, some shrubs would make a world of difference.

  • trees! stat!

  • Never once saw a house that looked better with awnings than without. Put your window treatments on the INSIDE!

  • It looks lonely without the vegetation. Plant some trees and shrubs! Otherwise, the renovation looks good. I pass by here often, and the shape of the house is interesting; from the photos, you can’t see the angles and lines that make this house unique.

  • They have done a ton of work to this house and it looks really great. However, I will admit I was a little sad they went from red to gray.

  • Not that there’s anything the current owner could have done about it, but I find houses with windows like that to be a little unsettling. The asymmetry just makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Why did they build them that way?

    • If I had to speculate with very little actually knowledge, and what is the internet for if not this, I would guess it has to do with the configuration of the rooms. There are probably walls where the wide spaces between the windws are located.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Thanks, I didn’t even notice but now that’s all I can see!

      • Emmaleigh504

        If it were a duplex I’d say the larger side is the owner’s side the smaller side is the tenant side, but I have no idea if it was built as a duplex. Maybe the builders just wanted to mess with our symmetry loving brains.

    • The lot cuts in on the left side at maybe 60 degrees. Creating a symmetric facade would have made for a really limited space in that front-left room, which I’m guessing is the LR.

  • The missing trees are decidedly not awesome.

  • justinbc

    Just about any home that removes the awnings is a bonus in mind. Those things are just terrible, right up there with the astroturf covered front porches.

    • Thats just gentrify speak. Ugly ass awnings and astroturf grow native to DC. DC should force a portion of the houses on the block to have these uniquely trashy elements to maintain the traditional feel of streets that are improving.

  • More landscaping would be a nice touch, although I imagine they didn’t want to block out too much light to the basement

  • Sorry, but I like the awnings. Their purpose is to keep the house cool. In Buenos aires all the houses have working shutters on the outside – and they look lovely, in my opinion. They keep out the noise, sun and heat. Here in DC we can just blast the air conditioning. How efficient.

  • I almost bought this place a few years ago (6?)- it’s a triangle shaped place with a really small rear and tiny enclosed back yard with two story decks/balconies out back. I’m really interested in seeing what they did to the interior- it needed a lot of work but had some great original wood work inside- including sweet hardwood floors hidden/preserved under atrocious red carpeting- and a framed yet unfinished basement with lots of potential. The kitchen and bathroom needed a ton of work and the bedrooms were wierd- it looked like some former group house with creepy multiple locks on the bedroom doors and strange toys glued to some walls- with some drywall holes punched in to boot.

    Once they complete a nice landscaping project in the front this will look great- love the new door and definitely agree with removing those ugly exterior window shades. Glad this is getting brought up to its potential 🙂

  • This house is right behind mine, and I’ve seen the owner put in a tremendous amount of work, starting with tearing down plaster walls and shipping out bag after bag of that hellish plaster rubble. He also replaced every window himself from builder-supply auctions. True sweat equity. Congratulations!

    • Agreed! I live around the block and it’s definitely a work in progress. The new owners seem to be doing a nice job.

  • This house is looking great! I also believe it’s still a work in progress (re: the comments on the yard). Inside first, and it’s looking really amazing starting with the new front door, which is really cool.

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