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  • Really? This is disappointing …

  • Will be out of business by fall

  • Sounds pretty fancy for a place that still needs roll up security gates over its windows.

  • Stopped by here last Friday on a curious whim. Interior is still a work in progress, but the food was good, the staff was extremely friendly, and the beers were poured promptly. In addition to the small menu, there were some specials on a chalkboard inside. In the future I’d definitely find it worth while to walk a bit past Shaw’s Tavern to get a sandwich and beer here instead.

    One of the owners also took us on a small tour to see the upstairs night club space. Not my scene, but their website (http://flashdc.com/) looks like they’ve got plenty of upcoming music lined up.

    There’s a lot of new stuff coming in on that stretch. I wish these guys the best.

    • Holy crap, those are some amazing club line-ups! And that room looks like Cielo in NYC.

      Any idea what kind of system they are pumping in there? Looks like a dope spot! 🙂

      • And folks, let’s be real here – this is a nightclub that happens to serve food. Eating probably won’t be on the minds of too many people who visit, lol.

        • I don’t know about that, have you been to a club in DC lately? There are plenty of XXXL dudes in those places, sitting around looking angry and hungry for fried foods.

      • No doubt bro. Cielo Green is a pretty good catch for a dc nite club. I can’t wait to taste the food there and contrary to popular belief, people do eat the food at these places. It’s not all about dancing.

      • @Zero-sum Flash is the first and only club in North America to feature Full Fat Audio amplifiers, paired with a digitally processed, fully active, 4-way stereo Funktion-One sound system with over 30,000 peak watts… You have to get here and hear it for yourself!!!

    • finally, uhall will not be the only show in town (or at least on u st.)

  • If you’re going to small plates and snacks, do it like this ($5-7 each). When small plates start at $9 and go up to $15 (ahem, pretty much every place om 14th Street), then it’s friggin’ ridiculous.

    Good luck!

    • In addition, this is the type of finger food people enjoy eating at such an establishment. You don’t go to a dance club to eat a big steak dinner with bake potato and all the fixins.

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