Check Out the River at 11th and Florida Ave, NW


Thanks to a reader for sending these photos around 8:45pm. Be super careful if you’re on the roads.

Ed. Note: Last week we also saw some flooding at 11th and Florida Ave. NW.


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  • Is it climate cchange creating these humid fronts? Is it WASA and the city who haven’t invested in sewer infrastructure? Something has got to give.

    • ah

      There was just a massive amount of rain in a very short period yesterday. The drains just aren’t big enough.

    • Climate change surely has some effect and the city is behind on trying to catch up the sewer system to the recent rapid population growth. What gave was the minor pooling of water you see above.

  • Yuck. Where’s all of that muddy water coming from? If that actually is mud….. {shudders}

  • ah

    Looked about the same on 7th and Constitution yesterday afternoon.

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