Car Accident Involving MPD at 13th and U St, NW

13th and U Street, NW

@rescue1dcfd tweeted:

“MVA involving mpd. One trapped.”

@IAFF36 tweetd:

“Vehicle Accident – 13th St & U St NW – 2 vehicle accident involving @DCPoliceDept”

A reader sends the photo above and writes:

“aw this wreck around 6:30 this morning at 13th & U. Looks to be at least one police car and a Honda civic. Saw 3-4 ems extracting someone from the civic.”

Another reader adds:

“All roads closed for 1 block radius. Car plowed into street light by rite aid.”

@DDOTDC tweets:

“The street closures on 13TH ST FROM V TO S ST NW & U ST NW FROM 12TH THRU 14TH ST NW have reopened”

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  • justinbc

    Can’t wait to find out who was at fault in this one. MPD so regularly just turn their lights on to run red lights and then turn them right back off.

    • I 100% agree that cops do that way too much in this city, but there is also an out-of-control problem with (non-cop) cars running red lights lately. The last year or so, the problem has gotten much worse. I live in Logan, and it is as if the red light for cars exiting the circle to head southbound on Rhode Island Ave. is nonexistent. Maybe the cops should be monitoring and ticketing this activity rather than running red lights on their own?

    • In my Capitol Hill neighborhood, the cops sometimes don’t even bother turning on their lights anymore before running a red light. They just continue on through the red light as though it were a stop sign. No lights. No attempt to even pretend it’s an emergency. Drives me insane.

    • One of the drivers was a cop. I think it’s obvious who will be found at fault, even if it’s not really their fault.

  • Well, come on — let’s be easy on the police officer. S/he was almost certainly having a personal conversation on a cell phone at the time of the accident. Just as most MPD offers do, while driving their patrol cars and ignoring traffic.

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