Bloomingdale’s Newest Bar, Showtime, Opens Next Week

113 Rhode Island Ave, NW

Showtime had hoped to open at the end of March at 113 Rhode Island Ave, NW but the date has now finally arrived! Next week you’ll be able to stop into Bloomingdale’s newest bar (and later in the week they’ll have coffee and pastries too.) On tap they plan on pouring DC Brau, Bells Oberon, “Showtime Classic” (the house lager), plus a rotating seasonal beer. Additionally they’ll have a variety of canned beer like Tecate and others. For the wine lovers out there – they’ll be sporting a fine selection of boxed wines. And they have a sweet, sweet juke box. Here’s just a taste of what they’ll be playing:

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  • THis has gotta be a dive bar… haha Sure looks like one from the outside.

    I actually have no problem with no frills, non-trendy bars that serve honest drinks for fair prices. What they save in the buildout they can hopefully pass on to customers in terms of pricing.

    • justinbc

      I’m hoping that’s the “before” photo.

        • they really left it like that? haven’t walked by in a while. wonder if there are plans to spruce it up a bit. hope so. looks like shat.

          • Does every new place have to spend a million dollars making the place look fancy yet somehow still feel fake? Or worse, they spend less cash and it looks cheap and feels cheap…only new. Le Diplomat looks and feels nice (actually I havent been ableti ge a table so maybe I’m wrong) because they spent the big bucks on quality materials.

            Keep it simple. A little rough around the edges does the body good.

            And that playlist looks great. Those are some good tunes for good times that pay tribute to he soul of the city. Well done.

          • no one said they had to spend a million dollars on it. totally agree that it doesn’t have to be the next shiny box with stainless steel everything (simple = good)… but come on… it could use a bit of paint and some nicer plants… and the bars can probably come off. that should be much less than $1000.

          • Never really associated bars with plants.

          • “Never really associated bars with plants.”
            you know.. for the kids!

          • I associate bars with Robert Plant

      • Maybe they’re going for that whole “Raven” look?

  • No one is getting robbed on RIA leaving that place. No way.

    • Given how small a capacity it will have and that is not in the midst of a large number of other bars, the risk v. reward would not be in the favor of a robber thus making it less likely for a patron to be robbed upon leaving than H Street, U Street, Adams Morgan, etc.

      • Given that those who rob others for chump change don’t always think in the most rational of terms, I don’t think your rational analysis holds much water for predicting the actual odds of being robbed.

        • No? How about looking at the number of robberies of people leaving Boundary Stone & Rustic both of which are immediately opposite on RIA?

          • you got numbers?

          • i see. there have been 14 robberies, within 1000 feet of boundary stone in 2013. How many do you think were patrons leaving the place?

            btw, within 500 feet, there were only 4.

          • No, which is why I asked. If reason can’t be used to predict human behavior, which is a very fair objection that human behavior is not in the least purely rational, then really statistic analysis is the only good prognosticator. Judging from the neighborhood grapevine, my guess is that the numbers would be low.

          • 1000 feet is like what, 3.3 football fields? And that is the radius? That’s a very large area, no?

          • yes. radius. and yes, that’s a huge area. and the numbers were total reported robberies.

          • 1:23,

            a football field is 300 feet long.
            so 1000 feet is over 3 football fields in distance.

          • Is not 3.3 football fields larger than 3 football fields?

        • You took me a little too literally there. Meant for a tongue-in-cheek response.

    • I don’t follow

    • I take it you haven’t been around those parts in a long while?

  • Any place that serves Bell’s is a friend of mine.

  • Wow, they went all out on the outside appearance!

    • That is what is used to / still looks like. It would not take much to make it presentable, lil paint, replanting the planters, take down the grates etc. Lets hope in this final weekend of preparation time they will take care of those last minute details.

      Best of luck ShowTime crew! Glad to have you in Bloomingdale (even though you already live there lol)

      • The Showtime barber shop (which the owner, who lives upstairs, has said they are trying to pay homage to) looked *exactly* like this when it closed down a couple years ago. I hope they don’t change a goddamn thing.

  • Any other good bars around there?

  • Can’t wait. Music looks on point. Glad to see it open. And whomever owns this spot, don’t listen to the naysayers about the outside decor. Some peeps just need to complain.

  • i hope they leave it as it.. and as a neighborhood antidote to red hen

  • Can’t wait for this to open, a great addition to the great variety of restaurants and bars in this area.

  • I think this is the first bar ever named Showtime that wasn’t a drag bar.

  • Good music and solid beer? Leave the small business alone! Lawd. No one can get a break in this city. If they made it fancy people would be complaining about the frills next…

  • Will there be a sign, at least? With a name like “Showtime”, there should at least be a sign.

  • great news! good luck Showtime!

  • Homeland and Dexter re-runs. All. Night. Long.

  • It opened last night

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