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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • I hope that photo isn’t from the inside of a taxi.

  • Rave: Iron Man 3 got great reviews. I’m stoked, love watching a good big budget movie… This is what makes America Great.

    Rave: 2 reasons why I have a job – Paychecks and Fridays.

    Rave: The world will continue to be unpredictable and often miserable, and so will people, but that’s not gonna change me if I can help it.

    Rant: Drugs in the music business. An unfortunate reality. I’m glad I operate outside of that sphere of influence, and glad I wasn’t a kid celebrity.

    • Jack5 – you remind me of a good buddy of mine. I don’t think you are him because he is about to get engaged and your dating endeavors are well documented on this site. But the similarities make me smile.

  • Rave: Wrong appointment time on my calendar meant I had yesterday afternoon off. I walked around my neighborhood, got a pedicure and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

    Rave: Office outing today means a half day of work.

    Rave: For our anniversary yesterday, my husband and I met for lunch. We were going to go somewhere casual but everywhere was packed. He looked at me and said “BLT?” Sure!

  • Rave: Found out recently that generic gummy bears are as good as the more expensive ones. Seriously, the Giant and CVS brands are better than Haribo.

    Rant: Eating too many gummy bears lately.

    • Agree. But avoid the sour gummy bears. I love sour patch kids, but the texture of bears plus the sour coating is just all wrong.

      • Rant: I have early stage of periodontal disease so my dentist gave me this rinse I’m supposed to use twice a day. The rinse leaves this sensation on my tongue that’s similar to what happens when you eat too many sour candies. It feels raw and tingly and I can’t taste much, and the feeling doesn’t go away until late in the day.

        Rave: Having a messed-up tongue and a weird medicinal taste in my mouth is a good appetite suppressant. I’ll probably lose some weight.

      • I don’t like any sour candy. They hurt my tongue!

    • Have you ever soaked gummy bears in vodka? I just recently saw a recipe and am eagerly looking forward to trying this for our next party. Sounds so delicious and fun. And maybe a tiny step “classier” than jello-shots (although in same article saw sangria jello-shots, which also sound amazing).

      I guess I’m on a candy + booze thing right now.

      • They don’t seem like they’d be that absorbent (though maybe that’s a good thing)?

        • Definitely not absorbent. Had these at a bachelorette thing I was at — keep spoons nearby!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I wonder why they don’t melt.

      • Homer: Got any of that beer that has candy floating in it? You know, Skittlebrau?

        Apu: Such a beer does not exist, sir. I think you must have dreamed it.

        Homer: Oh. Well, then just give me a six-pack and a couple of bags of Skittles.

      • I’ve had gummy WORMS in vodka. Mmmm, they were tasty!

      • My friend made a tray of these for one of my parties. They were really sticky (sticky hands EVERYWHERE) and bunch ended up smashed on my floor. Clean up the next day sucked.

        Jell-o shots definitely taste better and are easier to deal with, in terms of clean up.

        • Besides, we’re getting into vodka watermelon season anyway.

        • All the vodka-soaked gummies I’ve tried tasted terrible, and were super messy as well. I think jello-shots might be a better bet if you’re looking for that sort of thing.

    • I completely disagree! I’d love to save some money by buying the cheaper gummies, but there’s really no comparison to the Haribo bears to my tongue. :/

    • anonymous 10:19- I am addicted to Haribo’s Gummy Bears! Yes, the CVS brand are just as good as the original.

  • Rave: It’s Friday!

    Rave: I work for Giant and today we just opened our newest store in the District at 3rd and H Street NE! Fabulous soft opening last night. The store is open 24 hours, has parking underneath and sells beer and wine. Everyone visit 🙂

    • I’ll definitely check it out! Unfortunately I’ve always found Giant to be more expensive than Safeway and Harris Teeter (right now the HT on Pennsylvania Ave is my grocery store of choice).

  • Rave1: Caps!!!

    Rave2: Got upper corner seats at 6:00pm last night for $35.

    Rant1: Wife and younger brother were surrounded on both sides by Rangers fans

    Rave3: Got to watch each group sulk and leave Verizon with about 4 minutes left in the game.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Every day this week one of my friends has gotten bad news or had something bad happen to them.

    Rave: Nothing bad has happened to me…

    Rant: But I feel like my number is up.

    • After three extremely close brushes with mortality last fall, I too wondered if I was next. Now I’ve decided that I’m apparently bulletproof, and possibly being Saved for a Higher Purpose ;).

      Its all in the interpretation.

      • Emmaleigh504

        The week is almost over, so I might be spared. Lucky for me, this sort of thing doesn’t give me anxiety, just a vague since of dread. And lots of sadness that my friends in this doomed social circle are far flung, so I can’t give any of them real hugs.

        • pablo .raw

          I don’t believe in this kind of things, but in my family there’s some kind coincidence in which one of my female cousins has died in each family (different reasons, from health problems to accidents) 5 of them so far, including my sister.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Oh dear! I’m sorry for your losses. This group has only had 1 human death this week, and it wasn’t someone I knew, but my good friend knew them and she is very sad.

  • Rave: Will be able to do dinner shopping on my lunch hour and pick up ostentatiously healthy breakfast when I go straight to work from rowing.

  • Rave: Kentucky Derby is tomorrow. Anyone have a recommendation for where to watch?

    • I had a great time at Bourbon last year, but it looks like they’ve moved the party to their larger establishment, Jack Rose this year. It was awesome. We got there early, got a table, they came around with Derby pie and little hors d’oeuvres for free, and handed out betting slips. They had to take an emergency deliver of ice in the middle of the party since they were offering only mint juleps as cocktails and they were delicious.

    • justinbc

      I went to the party at Jack Rose last year and it was a real blast.

      This year they’re doing it again and have hopefully improved the few minor mistakes from the first year. I know for one that tickets are no longer required or being sold for entry, so it’s open to everyone now. Oh, and free food.

  • Rant: I hate politics on social media and the biggest offender is … my mother. If she weren’t my mother, I would have blocked her years ago. And her stuff is just innane.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: Petworth Community Market opens today!

    No rants–it’s too nice a day to be bothered by anything.

  • Revel: Beautiful, beautiful walk this morning. Sometimes I just adore this city.

    Rave: Painting with friends at a Living Social thing tonight. Haven’t done ‘art’ in years, so this should be interesting.

    Rant: Wrist is officially sprained, but luckily it’s my non-dominant one. Small favors.

  • Rave4: Jobs number! 165,000 in April, and February and March adjusted up by 114,000. 279,000 more jobs across America. Thats a good day.

    Rave5: Fogo De Chao for my/brothers birthday dinner tonight. Super excited the parents wanted to take us out!

    Rave6: Gold Cup tomorrow! Bus from Arlington! Supposed to be 60s/70s and sunny with not a cloud in the sky!

  • Rant: Jeff Hanneman, one of the shreddin’-ist guitarists to ever walk to face of the planet, passed away. Homeboy changed the face of heavy metal (and music as we know it). Jeff, you were a talented, relentless inspiration to many, and you will not be forgotten.

    • It is really sad. What the hell kind of spider was this that bit him?!?

      • I have no idea, but if i were a bettin’ man, I’d say it was probably a brown recluse. I got bit by one about 8 years ago and it was GNARLY.

    • Well, dying from the bite of a poisonous creature would be a very ‘metal’ kind of death. However, the long, lingering period of suffering he endured is more of a ‘goth’ way to go and definitely not very metal.

      Not mocking…just saying.

  • Rave: fun weekend plans with friends, including food & wine festival at national harbor tomorrow, staying overnight in Alexandria, then meeting my bestie from Richmond to hike on Sunday.

    Rant: been exchanging smiles and quick glances with a guy (a few, actually, but one in particular) at the gym, but I have no idea how to initiate a conversation at 6am when we both have on ear phones and I’m dripping with boob sweat.

    • Anyone have success meeting someone at the gym? I’ve never seen people chatting/flirting at my gym.

      • I’m pretty sure gayz are the only ones who have any regular success with gym flirting

        The straights seem to get offended/embarrassed/self-conscious when someone of the opposite sex initiates a conversation. I think the key is having an existing rapport with someone (ie. you’re always in the same class every week, have been introduced by a trainer, etc.). Chatting up someone out of the blue seems to be a no-no among us straight people.

    • Boob sweat speaks volumes. It’s like a magnet. Just keep flirting.

      • Salty funbags make turn straight men into drooling Homer Simpsons.

        They’re wet, shiny, and bouncy. You pretty much ask him anything and the guy will say “Yes.”

    • Try stepping on his foot or something “by accident” – generally as a straight man who works out a lot, I’m trying to avoid staring directly at women’s workout clothes to avoid creeping them out.

    • justinbc

      You’re a woman. You’ve automatically got the upper hand. Approaching him, if that’s what you want to do, should be relatively easy…unless he’s a prick, in which case you’ve just saved yourself months of awkward lusting over a prick.

    • if you really want to start talking with him, ask him to spot you bench pressing or something….and then see where it goes

    • How about “Hi, my name is [insert your name here (if you use “Slim Shady,” that will be a guaranteed convo starter)].”

      Agree with the observation about gyms. Maybe they were great places to meet people in the 80’s (see Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta in Perfect) but now not so much.

    • Allison

      Yeah, I’m guessing he likes you too but doesn’t want to talk first because he doesn’t want to be “that douche” who hits on women at the gym. Gotta be you this time!

  • epric002

    rant: none!
    rave: it’s friday! we have friends & their kids coming to visit tomorrow and we’re all going to the zoo, with great weather to boot.
    double rave: a little birdie informed me that our corgi will be making an animal fix appearance this afternoon 🙂

    • Awesome, I can’t wait! Love corgis.

    • Tip for the zoo – on these gorgeous weekends the parking lots have been totally filling up. Get there early, or come later, around 2-3 when the early people are leaving.

      And don’t miss the wild heron nesting colony at the bird exhibit.

      • epric002

        thanks for the recommendations. we live a (long) walking distance from the zoo, so we might do that to avoid the inevitable parking nightmare.

        • And please avoid parking in the surrounding neighborhoods. It’s unfair to people who live near the zoo and can’t find parking all weekend in their own neighborhood.

          • why is that unfair? none of us are entitled to street parking.

          • Yeah, it’s a bummer that they opened that zoo after you moved into the ‘hood.

          • epric002

            +1 to Anonymous 1 and Anonymous 2. wasn’t planning on parking in “your” hood, but thanks anyway. those of us who live in the city generally have to deal with people parking on “our” streets.

        • I’m pretty sure the zoo is near a metro station. We are talking about the Naional Zoo, right?

  • Rant: People who sit on the bottom step of Metro stairs. It’s not a seat, people! And don’t get all upset if I “accidentally” bump into or step on you while you’re sitting there.

  • Rant: the asshole that leans on his/her horn almost every. fucking. morning. between 7 and 730 at the light on Calvert and Adams Mill. Like a full 45 second + honk. I will find you and wreck you, the person in front of you can’t be fucking up THAT BADLY. Maybe it’s not just one person (the horn sounds the same every day, I don’t know), but please for the love of god chill out.

    Rave: FRIDAY!

    • Emmaleigh504

      This morning at about 8 there was 1 poor older guy whose horn when off when he hit the break. Not a fun drive to work or the mechanic for him, but it made me laugh.

    • Seriously, people in general need to lay off their horns. Awful.

    • Allison

      There was a guy who used to lay on the horn outside my old place, I figured out it was actually someone picking up a carpool buddy who must have been perennially late coming outside.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Instead of sending out a technician to do my cable “install” as they’ve forced me to have done in the past, Comcast is actually shipping me the modem and DVR to setup myself. I would rather wait on the postman to deliver than take a day off to waste time for a habitually late arriving Comcast employee.

    Rave: Hit the 3 year mark with my current employer this week, which means an extra week of vacation per year than before. Now to decide where to spend it…

    • This reminds me of my favorite comcast story. I was getting internet from them and opted to do the self install. Instead of shipping me a router, they shipped me an internal modem. When I called, they apologized for sending me the wrong piece. I asked for instructions to send it back and the service rep said basically said, “Eh, whatever.” For attempt #2, they sent a technician out. He couldn’t figure out how to do it, and returned to my apartment several times over the next two weeks, forcing me to leave work to accommodate their ridiculous service windows. To top it all off, they then sent me a bill for all of the internet service that I was not receiving. Gotta love Comcast!

      • justinbc

        That definitely tops any of my disasters. The last “technician” they sent to do an install was at least proficient, even if I didn’t actually require his services. He went through the whole house and testing outlet ratings for optimal speed for the modem, something I’ve never had any other one do.

        • To their credit, they took off the charges when I called them, and gave me 1-month free service for the trouble. However, I tried to give them back the incorrect parts again, and they still did not want them back.

    • You have a job? During the day?

  • Rave: Broke things off with girl #2. I know it was the right call, but it ended with her drunk and in tears by the metro.
    Rant: She really hasnt changed her attitude towards me (aggressively pursuing) and we are on a sports team together, so I’ll see her for the next 5 weeks.

    Rant: Girl #3 and I were supposed to meet for a drink, but I had to cancel last minute. Still not sure of my plan here.

    Rant/Rave: Real busy weekend, have to be real productive instead of just lay around.

    • Wrap it up, bro.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Well that sucks for her (the drunk crying part). It sucks for me even more, because now your love has the potential to get boring! I kid, I kid. If it’s not right, best not to string a person along.

      What’s up with girl #1, did you see her this week?? Did I miss an update?

  • RAVE: My exterminator is hotttt.
    RANT: my exterminator is married.
    RAVE: my exterminator came by today and lingered to chat.
    RANT: my exterminator had to come by today due to an ant issue in my condo.

  • Rave: BFF is in town! We spent yesterday at the zoo, will do the Embassy tour and a Segway tour (can’t wait!!) tomorrow, and lots of other fun things (including the drummers at Malcolm X Park). So happy to have her here!

    Rant: Taking off a Thursday instead of Friday makes it impossible to get things done today!

    Rave: I just had a priest-to-be ask for my number because he wants to keep in touch. I think he’s had a hard time making friends outside of seminary. I s’pose it was kind of like having a gay guy ask for my number–pretty harmless. It was really sweet and would’ve been very awkward were he not committing his life to the Lord. (I’m not laughing at him, more so chuckling at the situation).

    • pablo .raw

      Thanks for reminding me about Malcom X drum circle, I haven’t been there in a long time! One of my favorite places in the city for taking photos.

  • Rave: Crossing 5 (5!) really unpleasant tasks off my to do list today.
    Rant: Wasting so much time over the past few weeks in dread of haivng to do these things. None of them took more than 5 minutes and they weren’t nearly as unpleasant as I’d expected.

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