New Thai and Asian Tavern, Ching, Coming to Shaw

639 Florida Avenue, NW

More news for Florida Ave – A new Thai and Asian tavern, Ching, is coming to 639 Florida Ave, NW. From the liquor license posted out front:

Tavern serving Thai and Asian cuisine on hot top grills with a seating capacity of 150. Total occupancy load of 199. Entertainment consists of occasional DJ and live music. Summer Garden with 30 seats (subject to change based on final Certificate of Occupancy for Summer Garden).”

Looking towards 7th/Georgia Ave

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  • The only thing we don’t need more of! We got Thai Xing a block away and beau thai down the road, I think we’re good…

  • yeah… this seems like an odd add. did the financiers do their due diligence/market research? as the first commenter stated… Thai Xing and Beau Thai are just down the street… and Aroi Thai is just a bit further.

  • Hopefully a restaurant named “Cha” will move in next door.

    We do have a bit of a thai glut in the area, but at least it’s not a tapas place. The “hot top grills” sound intriguing too – maybe that’ll set it apart.

  • I agree that this seems like Thai overkill, but what do I know? I also cannot understand how all the fro-yo places make any money either.

  • andy

    What seems so odd to me is the number of Thai places that are not only Thai. So often it’s “Thai plus sushi” or “Thai plus Asian” food.

    I understand, from watching television, of course, that there is actually a good amount of variety in Thai food, more than is represented in normal Thai restaurants. For example, the cuisine of northern Thailand.

    I’d rather have that in my Thai restaurant than avocado with rice rolled up in nori, which apparently counts for Asian these days.

  • Wow, Thai AND Asian? What a combo! Can’t wait until we have a French and European bistro, or a New York and American deli.

    Also, I am curious to see what makes this a “tavern” as opposed to a typical restaurant.

  • And I think the Thai X-ing guy is opening up a new spot on ninth street just north of Florida. How about some Malaysian?

  • Considering how crowded Shaw’s Tavern and Bistro Boheme always seem to be, I suspect this place will do well (assuming it is decent). This location is becoming its own destination (Shaw’s and Bistro across the street, the Brew Pup and the 2 Derrick Brown spots expected near 7th/T, All Souls of 8th/T if it ever happens) plus it has the “extension of U Street” factor. I doubt being close to Beau Thai and Thai Crossing will matter.

    • Especially since the food at Shaw’s Tavern has been sucking so hard recently…

    • I agree-you’re dead on. I doubt they will steal much business from the immediate locals in Ledroit and Bloomingdale who enjoy Thai. But I can see people traveling a few metro stops to get to that area sometime in the near future, especially if a good drinking establishment opens up.

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