Mayor Gray Launches D.C.’s Largest Hydroponic Greenhouse Farm in Ward 8

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From a press release:

As part of Mayor Gray’s Sustainable DC Initiative, the District government is partnering with BrightFarms, which will build a 100,000-square-foot greenhouse farm. In partnership with the D.C. Department of General Services (DGS), the hydroponic farm will promote local and sustainable food production in Ward 8. The farm will operate year ’round and will grow up to 1 million pounds of local produce per year – including tomatoes, lettuces, and herbs – further establishing the District as a leader in sustainability and fresh-food initiatives.

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  • that’s awesome–based on the Washington Post article yesterday, the produce will be sold at supermarkets in DC, and it seemed like the BrightFarms model is to open stores in underserved parts of cities.

    But 10lbs/sf/yr seems a pretty optimistic yield to this non-expert.

  • I’d wager that DC’s largest hydroponic farm simply hasn’t been discovered yet.

  • I can’t wait to chaperone my kid’s inevitable field trip. I love this sort of thing.

  • I’m not a fan of the mayor, and I’ve been dismayed by the state of Ward 8 for all of the 30 or so years that Marion’s managed to keep it barefoot and squalid, but this is a major step in the right direction. Finally.

  • Hmm what crop will get them the most ROI per square foot?

  • andy

    And the skills learned here are transferable to growing other profitable crops! Brilliant!

  • I personally think marijuana should be legalized.

  • Incredible news. Can’t wait till this is built.

    Gray has earned my vote if he runs for re-election.

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