La Joya Steakhouse Restaurant Coming to former El Limeno Space in Petworth

La Joya Steakhouse Restaurant
201 Upshur Street, NW

El Limeno was located at 201 Upshur St, NW across the street from Hitching Post and closed in Sept. 2010 after some, uh, legal troubles… It had been vacant ever since. Thanks to @JustinTLogan for sending word that a sign has been posted for La Joya Steakhouse Restaurant. Could be awesome! Updates when they get closer to opening.

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  • not what I had hoped for the space, but better than vacant.

    • Yep, I drive by that space twice a day every day and have always thought that the strip between 2nd & 3rd on Upshur was kind of pathetic. The store on the corner of 3rd & Upshur supposedly had a recent grand reopening but looks no different. I just wish that area had more going for it.

      • That store is totally different. Did you ever go into the old one? It was completely walled off with bullet proof glass so you couldn’t actually walk around the store. Now they have a regular, walk through, clean store with a small but somewhat eclectic beer selection and a small deli section in the back. Plus the owners are friendly. You should really check it out, it is waaaaay different. 🙂

  • Fingers crossed for a nice place and not just a cheap filler restaurant. The dollar store further down on Upshur was a disappointment.

  • Yeah, that place definitely doesn’t look sketchy. Hopefully, they’ll fix it up a bit.

  • The rumor on our block was that El Limeno was opening again…to be run by the old owners–the one’s not in jail, I suppose. Guess not. Though any restaurant is better than a vacant building.

    And…while we’re on the subject of restaurants on that end of Upshur: When will the new felafel place open?

  • I heard Barry Dindyal I getting ready for a next venu in petworth any thing some ome?

  • Any news on the two places that the owner of Room 11 is opening on Upshur? I haven’t noticed any progress so far.

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