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  • i’ve been 3 times and i like it a lot.
    definitely ask for their homemade hotsauce.

  • I’m a big fan! Not only is the food and drinks good but their jukebox plays some of the best tunes in town.

  • Great spot. They have General Tsos chicken wings that are awesome. Such a genius idea.

  • Went for an after-work happy hour. Enjoy it.

  • I really enjoy this place. They have a “quentil” burger, which is a veggie burger made with a combination of quinoa and lentils, and it’s delicious (and this is coming from a carnivore). Their grilled cheese is also off the chain. Hmm, now that I think about it, every time I go to Cause I eat their veggie stuff. Anyway, delicious.

  • Awesome! I haven’t found a single thing that I would want done better, which is basically unheard of!

  • The mixed frickles were a nice change. Heart of darkness was delicious (I recommend beef heart pregaming with the tartare at The Pig). It’s a nice touch that you can pick your charity on the bill 🙂

  • Often order the mushroom-burger for pick up/take-out for my partner and I, on my way home from work, . Comes with a nice mixed-green salad.

    Last week there was stand-up comedy taking place on the first floor, when we went upstairs for a beer and sandwiches; made note to self to return for a few laughs, on a planned occasion.

    Always good service.

  • … forgot to mention — how could I have — all the above comments are the icing on top of “all pub profits go to a charity.”

  • i’m not associated with the place. i’ve been skeptical about how much money actually goes to charity too. i’d love to hear.
    i’m not saying its the best bar in the area or anything. but the food is good, i recall liking the beer selection. for what it’s worth, i’m a vegetarian and get the veggie burger.
    it’s a decent vibe inside. not as casual as dc9. more casual than the brixton. definitely not as hip as either.

    but it’s a respectably decent bar.

  • I went once for a talk/discussion event type thing. Service was good & loved the duck hearts, but stools (upstairs) were torturous after about an hour.

  • There’s an AWESOME stand up comedy open mic every Tuesday at 8pm. It’s a great venue for that sort of thing.

  • The food was great many times I went there (except for one time with a lamb like creation). But their staff is ridiculously nice and courteous.

  • Overall a really enjoyable place. Been a few times and though the food is never knock my socks off, I also have never had a complaint. Great staff, a menu that’s a little bit more adventurous than some other places, and a low-key vibe. Will definitely go back, even if they didn’t have the bonus of giving to charities.

  • I love Cause, mostly because of their commitment to share all of their profits with non-profits. If I weren’t a vegetarian I would want to try their LGBTQ sandwich…

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