German Beer Garden Now Coming to 919 U Street, NW. Should Open in Fall 2013

919 U Street, NW

Tacos out, German beer garden in! Back in June 2011 we first learned that a spot called El Ray (not to be confused with the Elroy) would be coming to the vacant lot next to Dodge City on U Street. Originally we heard there would be a taco stand but I spoke with one of the owners (same owners as Marvin, Gibson, Chez Billy, Satellite Room, Hanoi House) who tells me plans are for a German beer garden that will be built out of shipping containers. Tacos are obviously out and they now plan on serving German sausages etc. Food will be served “dim sum style” and they plan on having a take out window on U Street. No word on the name yet but if all goes well they hope to open in Fall 2013. Stay tuned.


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  • This city needs more beer gardens.

    Now to complete my dream and have one on the national mall. Come on NPS 🙂

    • One is supposed to go in off 8th Street near the Navy Yard in 2014.

      • Is that still happening? I haven’t heard of any updates and it seems like the owner’s been sitting on that lot forever. Talk about a money-maker, though– it would be the closest place to the Navy Yard to grab a drink!

    • Yes! Happy to see a biergarten in this area.

      That being said, how is it that said owners are purchasing so many properties in this area? Time for a little diversification of management IMO.

      • there are dozens of options for food and drink within two blocks of this location. who cares if the same (wildly successful and popular) owners are operating a few of them?

        • I’m making a conversational observation that was referenced above. Next bar hop I do could potentially include 6 bars (5 on the same side of U Street within 5 blocks of one another) owned by the same wildly successful and popular guy(s).

        • saf

          Well, I don’t enjoy any of their places. All too loud, too expensive, and mediocre food.

      • justinbc

        They snagged up much of the land around the U St area quite some time ago. There are even more properties under that ownership that aren’t listed.

  • I once tried to start a beer garden but none of the bottles or cans I put in the ground spouted or grew.

  • I’m very curious about the shipping container angle. Will this be temporary by design?

    Apart from Oktoberfest, it seems like opening a “garden” in the Fall would be bad timing – it gets cold pretty fast around that time of year. Will they close once the snow rolls in?

    I fully approve of the sausage angle, though. Between this, Meat & Foods, and Bistro Bohem, we’ve got quite the carne corridor shaping up…

    • Surely something permanent will be built on that lot, eventually.

    • Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Keep the meat market in AdMo!

    • Also not sure about the shipping containers but too cold in the fall? The weather here is amazing in the fall and spring. Germany’s also much colder and they do just fine. Would love more, large outdoor drinking spaces. Doner Bistro, ftw!

  • Sweet. Love my outdoor drinking.

    These outdoor beer gardens probably have a ridiculous ROI.

  • I too am excited for the beer garden. However, I’m not a fan of it being built out of shipping containers. We already have that in Navy Yard…let’s get something unique. As for dim sum style German food, I’d rather see them make German food the way the Germans do: full sized and in large proportions. But I am excited for more German food coming to the city.

    • Come on…..building it out of shipping containers is already “tired” because they have it in the Navy yard? Considering 99% of bars and restaurants are in old buildings in DC, I’d say that bringing a modular structure made of shipping containers to U Street is pretty damn innovative.

      I’m just hoping that they build it so you can actually sit inside the shipping containers during the winter months. It would be pretty awesome to have a maze of containers to hang out inside. 🙂

  • Any news on the beer garden that’s supposed to be coming to Petworth (on Georgia Ave)?

  • Please explain “dim sum style” serving.
    Will waiters be walking around with rolling carts of german delicacies?
    Will these be individual servings or more dim sum “family style” portions of delicacies?
    Will they stamp a bill for every choice or will they have “check the box” menus for table service?
    What will the prices be?
    Where will they be purchasing their sausages?

    Sounds interesting… and also expensively like the love of “small plates” concept for german food to wrack up the bill.

  • This looks exactly like a German beer garden! I just wonder where the chestnut trees are.

  • German beer = boring beer. I hope they expand beyond the German theme.

    • German beer is anything but boring. Maybe you need to expand your horizons beyond Beck’s and St. Pauli Girl.

  • Sounds wack

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