Tadich DC Coming to former TenPenh Space at 10th and Pennsylvania Ave, NW

1001 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

Huge news from Inside Scoop SF:

Tadich DC — to be located at 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, less than a mile from the White House — will be twice as big as the original, clocking in at 7,387 square feet, compared to the 3,500 square foot original. The new East Coast branch won’t be a replica per se, but will try to attempt to recreate that same counter-centric atmosphere, though there will be a bigger dining room and private dining areas. The idea is that the Tadich Grill menu, famous for its use of West Coast seafood, will also remain largely the same on the other coast.

They also report plans are for Tadich DC to open in early 2014. TenPenh closed back in June 2011. A reader writes:

“A friend who works on that block saw people taking measurements in the space a few days ago.”

You can see Tadich Grill’s menu here. Any San Fran expats ever eaten there?

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  • Never heard of it, but I am not from SF. Seems like a good place from their website, but it will be fun to see if this part survives the transfer to DC:

    “Tadich Grill takes no reservations … guests may very well have to stand in line waiting for a table. If they are famous, important, or influential people, they will still have to wait ….”

    Maybe there will be a cottage industry of “famous, important, or influential people” hiring non-famous, unimportant, or uninfluential people to stand in line for them.

    • It says above that this one will be twice as big as the original, and will have private dining rooms. I doubt they’d have private dining rooms if you couldn’t reserve them in advance.

    • The DC location will take reservations. It said that in the press release.

  • If they can maintain the quality of the SF restaurant in the location here, this will be amazing. They have the best cioppino I’ve ever had.

  • I hope it’s good, because people will not wait in line to get in if it isn’t.

  • Their cioppino is one of my favorite things on earth.

    That said, Tadich Grill is a SF institution that’s over 160 years old. Trying to recreate that seems weird and unlikely to succeed. I hope it does.

    Also, it appears that the DC location will accept reservations.

  • I’m from SF, Tadich is a landmark there, it’s been open since the gold rush. Their Cioppino is awesome but the Hangtown Fry (omelet with bacon and fried oysters) – curtains, heart stolen, done. SO GOOD. I hope they will bring some dungeness crabs to DC!

  • While i remember this restaurant as quite good from my visits to SF. I have no interest in eating anywhere that does not take reservations. My time and the time of my dining companions is worth more to me than queuing up to get in line for a restaurant. I made my obligatory visit to Little Serow but that was it for standing in line. Count me out on this one.

    • For starters, based on location, it will be mostly driven by the weekday lunch/dinner crowds. Very rarely do you need a reservation for any of those places around that area except for possibly Central on the same block. It’ll be interesting to see how their weekends shape up. Besides, the press release already said that the DC location would take reservations. It’s not even owned by the same people – it’s being brought to DC by another company.

      Keeping in mind it is seafood, I’d imagine to some degree the menu will change to reflect the seafood more typical on the Eastern seaboard.

  • bfinpetworth

    Yeah, I hope they can duplicate the old school feel of the original in S.F.. This will be a really nice addition to DC dining if done right. Cioppino baby!

  • It’s SF’s version of Old Ebbitt; “old school”, touristy but many locals there, and West Coast in that it feels much, much less stuffy. It’s the “home” of cioppino, and the food is pretty good and fairly priced. SF location is ridiculously loud, though.

  • With this and Joe’s Stone Crab coming to town, Legal Seafood, Capitol Grill, and Old Ebbitt need to step up their game.

  • Anthony Bourdain went to Tadich when he went to SF for an episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bBQvcNTxgu8

  • God, I hope it’s better than Old Ebbitt. That place might have been really good before I was born, but I don’t think I’ve ever left there not feeling disappointed with my meal.

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