Farewell AM PM Carryout – Hello Diego Restaurant and Bar

14th and V Street, NW

The new tex-mex restaurant Diego was expected to open up in early May but it looks like there’s still a few works of work left. Will updated when an opening date is announced.


How it looked in 2010:

AM PM Carry Out 2010

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  • Noticed the new sign this afternoon. Norther of U on 14th is getting a ton of love lately. Isabella’s new restaurant is nearly across the street from here. Interested to see how it pans out.

  • Any idea what’s happening on the upper floor of that building? Apartments?

  • I’m really excited about this.

  • This neighborhood is falling apart. There’s going to be a serious lack of seafood & fried chicken places around here. I haven’t been able to find decent seafood OR crab lately either!

  • As a native Texan I hope this “TexMex” establishment will not offer $14 small plates but given its prime 14th Street location I am skeptical.

    • +1

      This happened to La Fronterra at 17th and R after it had been a great (well, good-ish) tex-mex place for years — a nice spot for a flauta and a tecate and sunshine. Walked in a few weeks ago and they handed me a menu of $12-$15 tapas plates and pointed to some spot with a tablecloth(!?). Dafuq.

      Anyone know of any decent tex-mex? Like those great family-run places down in the Arklatex, not some Jose Andres nonsense. Haydee’s is the closest I’ve found.

  • I kind of doubt it will be a small plates place. It’s probably going to be more along the lines of the crappy place next door to Dupont Italian Kitchen. I hope it’s better, the bar is low.

  • Well, now the dudes who hang out on that corner will have a nice outdoor patio.

  • I wonder how the management and their customers will get along with the group of men who congregate at that corner, playing checkers and such? In any event, this place looks really nice and a great addition to the neighborhood.

    • Well, the restaurant has put up a fence for their outdoor seating that takes up much of the sidewalk. I walked by there the other day and not a single person was hanging out. Used to be 24/7 there.

    • they leave that corner, and probably the neighborhood eventually.

    • what’s so fun about checkers? oh wait… the gambling….

      • The men that hang out there play chess, not checkers. Also, I’ve never seen any gambling. Those men aren not a problem for the neighborhood, they’re part of the character of the area. The problem with this street is the over abundance of government housing that is full of gangbangers and otherwise problematic youth. I’ve learned to avoid walking down that street altogether. And I couldn’t imagine sitting on the sidewalk for a meal and putting up with the noise and disorderly behavior.

        • Not to mention the slope in the sidewalk. It slopes away from the building. A bit precarious for outdoor dining I’d say. BUT…..I’m glad it will open soon.

  • So sad.

  • It’s being run by the same guy who runs Dupont Italian Kitchen (DIK) on 17th St.

    So…. the food will be awful. 😛

  • meh. another texmex place.

  • About 10 years ago the sign used to say: Breakfast, Lunch & Chicken. Loved that.

  • “No man, it wasn’t the AM/PM… it was the volume! Why separate knob?!”

  • Welcome to the neighborhood!!

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