Dear PoPville – Anyone Know of a Polish Deli?

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“Dear PoPville,

Im shocked that DC may be the first US city where I’ve lived and can’t find a Polish deli. Any suggestions on the best ones in the suburbs?”

I know there is the The Kielbasa Factory in Rockville, MD. Anyone know of others?

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  • Kielbasa Factory is legit!

  • I do but it only sells vegetables.

  • Stachowski’s in Georgetown.

  • “first US city where I’ve lived and can’t find a Polish deli.”
    Aside from NYC and Cleveland, I’m having a hard time thinking of a US city that does have a Polish deli. The again, how many Polish cities have American delis?

  • njb510

    I don’t know why the person asking the question is shocked by this, DC never had a large Polish-American immigrant population.

    • Agreed. I’m not sure why people are so shocked when they come to cities that don’t have much in the way of certain ethnic foods that they were used to in other cities.

      Like, when I go to Chicago I’m not wondering where all the Ethiopian or Salvadoran places are.

    • I was going to say this. As an Italian-American I’ve always been disappointed that there isn’t good Italian food here, but it’s not like my ancestors were flocking to DC when they came to America.

    • Actually, I remember reading on one of the Adams Morgan/Columbia Heights/Mount Pleasant (sorry, can’t remember which sign) heritage trail signs a few years back that the area has always been home to waves of immigrants. And that before the wave of Latino immigration in the past half century or so, the area was full of polish and eastern European immigrants.

    • neither has north carolina, and yet they can be found

  • I have my mom bring up pecan wood smoked kielbasa every time she comes up to visit from from Chappell Hill Texas. I want to get the recipe from my cousin and make it here in DC!

  • The perfect site for this would be the old jewish deli at 2nd and Upshur! I’d invest!

  • I don’t see why a Jewish deli wouldn’t suffice. I’m not accusing the writer of the post of discrimination, but Jewish deli food is pretty good, and many Jews, like most of my family, came here from Poland. There won’t be kielbasa, for obvious reasons, but great corned beef, half-sour pickles, enormous reuben and roast beef sandwiches, and if you’re lucky, knishes, blintzes and bialys (if there’s a bakery component) are some of the great staples these establishments have to offer.

    • Where are the good Jewish delis in DC? DGS doesn’t count, it’s a restaurant.

      • I guess I wasn’t aware of the lack of Jewish deli’s here. I’m sort of a Baltimorean originally, and there are two famous ones there – Lenny’s and Attman’s. They’re actually in an area called “corned beef row.”

      • Just outside of DC, but Parkway Deli is where it’s at.

    • assume that there might be people in the world that want Kielbasa and you’ve already answered your own question.

    • I’m always shocked when Americans abroad aren’t satisfied with a burger joint for their American fix ins! I mean, it’s what America is all about -face palm-

    • While there are some similarities between Polish and Jewish delis, most of the things you mentioned are not traditional Polish foods. And the absence of kielbasa and other meats is a biggie. Kielbasa factory is legit and makes kielbasa in house. For preserved goods, you can buy some Polish products at Cafe Mozart. There are also 3-4 Polish delis in Baltimore. There’s a much larger Polish community there than in D.C.

  • Aside from Kielbasa and Kishka, I can’t think of much that is uniquely Polish in the deli world. It overlaps with most Eastern European fare. But there was a vendor at the Columbia Heights farmers market last Saturday that had Kielbasa.

  • Yes the Kielbasa Factory is the only option… but it’s legit! If you want pączki you have to go in the day it’s delivered (from NYC) because it’s gone by the end of the day (Thursdays I think). But they’ve got everything and they’re very polite and helpful.
    There’s a Polish church in Silver Spring (Our Lady Queen of Poland I think) that sells homemade kielbasi, kapusta, pierogi, golumpki, makowiec, etc. around Easter and Christmas.
    They’ll also have some familiar things at Mozart’s Cafe, but its a German deli that’s been DC’ified. Good food though.

  • German Gourmet has good wursts and kielbasa. It’s just past 7 Corners out in VA.

  • Krakus Deli in Baltimore is the best option

  • My favorite deli is Loeb’s….loved it more in the old spot than the new not at all interesting spot over near the old Exec. office bldg. (why in the world did they make it like a McDonalds?) Wagshals is ok. For good italian deli A.Litteri (sp?) in NE near Union Market… best subs in town too. They’re ole school…been around nearly a 100 years or something. Used to be Too Jays up in Tenley (which is Jewish Deli outfit from Palm Beach, but unsure if it’s still there.

  • Blithe

    No, but there’s a great one in Baltimore in the Broadway Market — they’ll even conduct transactions with you in Polish. I think it’s called Sofia’s Place.

  • DC is an anomaly in many ways. that’s part of what i love about it.

  • Rockville is as close as you will get. Saying that, it’s pretty awesome – better than the one in Baltimore.

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