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  • Wow, the past was beautiful!

  • I love how this building turned out! I’ve seen the inside of all the units and the developer did a great job. Also thanks for improving my property value across the street!

  • …and I forgot to log in once again.

  • At least they kept the building in tact. And man, that was one helluva single family home!

  • I went to the sale they had there before moving out, they had tons of random books and other items.

    I was concerned that they would ruin this property, but it looks like they did an excellent job preserving a lot of the original details.

    Does anyone know if/where I could view pictures of the interior?

  • ah

    Yeah, this looks like a really nice reno from the outside. They kept the original building and the added part looks well, although not perfectly, integrated. Too bad they couldn’t get balcony railings like the one over the arch, although I suspect that’s a code issue.

    Also, all the parking in front is unfortunate.

  • not bad. but i wonder why the city didnt request copper accents on the new addition..the black balconies really standout. the brick match is tolerable, but even that could have been fine tuned. just my thoughts.

    • I don’t know the exact answer but I don’t think this is a historic district and the 6 years ago picture doesn’t show the sad garage thing that was added on between then and the condo conversion. If they had to match what was there, then they definitely went above and beyond. It was the first thing to go when they started demo.

    • ah

      Is this in a district where DC has any right/power to say “do this”? As long as it complies with the building code and zoning regs, they can do it. Fortunately the builder, IMO, did a pretty nice job of matching details.

  • Looks terrific. They kept it looking the same, and added a tasteful addition, with some parking for those residents as well. Looks like a great reno.

  • But did they have to rip out ALL the molding? And it looks like the first and second stories used to have interior shutters. Why not refinish them? What a loss…

  • I like it too ! They did a great job respecting the original structure. I actually would like to see more corner houses in Dupont and Logan allowed to do this.

  • Is it me or did they get rid of most of the front yard in the reno to add the garage/parking? That’s an environmental loss, trees/shrubbery and grass traded for concrete. Would be nice if they balanced that, somehow (planting trees elsewhere? some type of roof deck with some grassy area? rooftop rain barrels?).

  • I live across the street and am happy they kept so much of the original intact. I really do miss that garden though!

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