Six Years Ago… Sadly These Were Not Uncommon Sights in Columbia Heights


Cop patrols on horseback were not an unusual sight and sadly related neither were makeshift memorials. Not saying things are perfect today but crime-wise Columbia Heights feels a lot different from six years ago.


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  • I like the horse patrols.

    • ledroittiger

      For reals. I can do without the (need for) makeshift memorials, but given the kind of crap that goes down in broad daylight in that neighborhood, bringing the mounted police back might not be such a bad idea.

    • I do too, but how come they don’t have to clean up after their horses? I can get fined if my dog crapped on the sidewalk. Horses leave a much biggger mess!

      • carnivore feces are far more unsanitary that herbivore feces. also in the street, or the gutter is generally better than on the sidewalk or treebox.

  • send ’em over to Pleasant Plains! We have the memorials, just not the police presence.

  • Now that you mention it I too remember seeing them in Logan Circle and I thought how cool!! So what not anymore? Why?

  • Ugh. I remember that memorial. I think it was on Columbia Road west of 14th? It was there for months and months, soaking up rain water and stench. Obviously it’s sad that someone lost their life, but it turned gross.

  • ah, the teddy bear memorial. they were a mainstay on my block of fairmont every summer. Live in Park View now, and I don’t miss those memorials at all. Especially the ones that stay up for 6 months with moldy rotten teddy bears taped to some pitiful tree.

  • Whoa to the gentrifiers throughout this thread who have to occasionally walk by a memorial of rain-soaked teddy bears while someone else has to deal with the death of a child. Get over yourself, the teddy bear memorials were a tradition long before you came here and they’ll be here after you’ve moved on to the next city you want to conquer/gentrify.

    • And yes, “whoa” not “woe” is used for effect. Ha.

    • while i understand that more concern should be placed on the grieving parants and family, your attempt to belittle and insult others is pathetic. what next city are you talking about? some of us “gentrifiers” have lived here a long time, and many of us are here to stay. only 2 people complained about the memorials but you chose to insult many people. you should look to the hate within your heart.

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