Nooshi Opening “Next Tuesday at the Latest” on Barracks Row – Check Out their Awesome New Mural

524 8th Street, SE

Over the weekend, I stopped by Tash to check on Nooshi’s (opening upstairs) opening date and was told they expect to be open by the end of this week or “next Tuesday at the latest”. I can’t wait to see what that glassed in area looks like!

In the meantime, what do you think of their wild new mural?

Ed. Note: I was told the woman is a famous Japanese pop star but they couldn’t remember her name 🙂


Closeups of the mural after the jump.



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  • Gaia (the artist) is Awesome

    • I saw a great piece by Gaia at the Baltimore Museum of Art recently, I am of the opinion that this is an amazing thing to have in DC and am glad to see it.

  • Tried their food at Taste of 8th, and it was quite good. Can’t wait to try the full menu

  • While I know some people have different opinions about whether the mural “fits into the neighborhood,” I actually think the finished product looks much better than the rendering that was in the plans.

    • When people say that something doesn’t fit in the neighborhood, they really mean “I don’t like it”. Nothing more.

    • Yeah the rendering was terrible. I wonder if the people that opposed it then are still unhappy with it now that they can see the actual thing.

      • +1. I live in the neighborhood and I was against it when I saw the renderings; they looked AWFUL and I couldn’t believe anyone had bad enough taste to think that was a good idea. The execution, though, is fantastic and I think it’s a positive contribution in the end 🙂

        • Oh that’s good to know. I live in the neighborhood too, and when I saw the renderings I figured Gaia is just really bad with Photoshop. 🙂

  • The mural is awesome. Anyone know how much a mural like that costs?

  • I saw it sunday on the way to belga… looks great

  • As an Asian person, I will say their Green Curry had too much coconut milk and not the depth of flavors. Kruba still the hands down best Thai restaurant in the area.

    That being said, their springrolls were Northern Viet style and quite delicious.

  • does anyone know if their veggie options (19th St location) can be made without fish sauce? I stopped going years ago when a server told me all the sauces are premade and pretty much all contain fish sauce.

    • Ditto that. I’m just a vegetarian (with a dislike for fish that preceeded my vegetarianism), but my bf is allergic to fish so we tend to avoid Chinese and southeast Asian restaurants altogether because he’s had a couple of close calls with “hidden” fish sauce (despite being promised by the staff that there was no fish or fish sauce in the dish). Too bad, because I love many of those dishes (I still go, just when I’m dining solo). I’ve only ever been to one Thai restaurant where the server specifically asked if I wanted the vegan version when I ordered a meatless noodle dish–I was a little confused until she explained that the vegan version was fish sauce-free. It was much appreciated!

    • actually a kosher issue for me– fish sauce commonly made from shell fish. Not glat or anything, but I eat vegetarian on the outside and it’s a disqualifier.

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