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  • two plastic flamingos and some transplanted pansies make garden of the day?

    • Oh come on, unclench. It’s fun! Would you rather it still be gravel and weeds?

    • Well, we used to have five flamingos, but people stole three of them. They only stole the bodies, not the ‘legs’ so I assume they ended up in the garbage, which is sad.

      When I ripped up all the prickly bushes and weeds and pulled all the broken glass and garbage out of my plot last fall, I decided that TRANSPLANTED pansies would be the best choice since they’d be the most likely to last through the winter– and they did!

      Sorry I didn’t grown them from seeds or go with a more exotic choice, but they were my grandmother’s favorite flower to plant (She would say that the blossoms look like happy little faces), and I like them, so SORRY I’M NOT SORRY.

      • Porkchopin – I love it all – the pansies, the flamingos, and the story behind it. Yay for your garden!

      • They were probably stolen by young people to make a Flabongo.

        Google it.

      • I think it looks great, Porkchopin. In fact, my boyfriend and I were walking by just last weekend and I made a comment about how nice I think your yard looks, and how I need to get myself a pot of pansies before the weather gets too warm for them. (Looks like I might be too late…)

      • It’s like Julia Child said about cooking (and I think it also applies to gardening): “Never apologize!”

        You put in the effort which is more than a lot of homeowners. I think it is cheerful and bright!

    • You should win garden of the day with all the sticks you’ve clearly got lodged up your rear.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I love pink flamingos! Pink flamingos for all!

  • It’s not that easy to get a lot of color now. My awesome, complex interplanted masterpiece . . . is still filling in and mostly looks like mulch. At least these guys have something that looks fun/will put a smile on your face.

  • These are the same people who had the stuffed tiger all fall/winter, and I think they are amazing.

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