Taking Block Parties to the Next Level


The St. Paddy’s Day festival outside of Shaw’s Tavern looked pretty sweet. Then I noticed the climbing wall for kids. Nicely done!


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  • Looks awesome! But how do you go about getting a permit to block off the street for a party? My neighbors would go nuclear if I tried anything like that.

  • It was a pretty cool festival, especially for the first time being held. We took our kids (3.5 & 15 months) and they got a blast out of the huge bouncy house (it had a slide IN it!) and they got free cotton candy, balloon animals and other fun stuff. Good times. Thanks Shaw’s Tavern, MPD, and all the other sponsors/hosts/residents!

  • I heard they had a piece of the Blarney Stone at the top of the climbing wall.

  • We went to this yesterday. Very fun and family friendly. There must have been eight strollers parked outside the tavern.

  • Best. Neighborhood. Ever.

  • I went to this street festival and have to say I was disappointed. You could only buy drinks inside Shaw’s Tavern, and in typical Shaw’s Tavern fashion, that was an impossible task.

    Upon coming up to Shaw’s Tavern, they had someone at a desk who asked you to choose which room you wanted to go to, which I found restricting since we didn’t know what was really going on inside. The outside patio they had set up was seating-only, so we chose the upstairs. After waiting 15 minutes in a line that was not moving, we left.

    The Irish dancing kids they had on the patio were awesome, but it was a horribly run street festival. Shaw’s Tavern should try to get their act together for regular service before trying to pull off a big event like this.

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