Showtime Lounge Hoping to Open by End of the Month in Bloomingdale

113 Rhode Island Ave, NW

Back in April 2012 we learned that Showtime Lounge would be coming to 113 Rhode Island Ave, NW across the street from Boundary Stone. I hadn’t noticed much movement but when I was walking around this weekend I noticed the front door was open. I peeked inside and spoke with one of the owners who says they hope to open around the end of the month. Plans are still for:

“The establishment plans to operate as a coffeehouse during the daytime hours, serving coffee, pastries and house made dips and snacks. During the evening hours, offering a small selection of beer, wine, spirits and finger foods.”

Finishing touches were still ongoing but there is a nice little bar in the back, some sweet retro wallpaper in the front and a mural on a back/side wall. It looks like it’s gonna be another great addition to Bloomingdale. Stay tuned for an exact opening date when it’s announced.


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  • Wow, I thought progress had completely stalled on this based on all outside appearances. Good to know things were moving along behind the window paper.

  • I guess they’ll be showing Dexter, Homeland, Shameless, Nurse Jackie and Californication on their tvs.

  • Glad to hear. I almost gave up

  • I’m sure it’s cool to have a place so under the radar, but I’d be more interested if the owners reached out a bit. Posted pictures, commented on this or the neighborhood blog, or just somehow made me feel like they were part of the neighborhood.
    But whatever. I’m sure they’ve got their community, and I hope it brings even more vibrancy the the area.

  • Yeah, its a shame they dont stir up controversy across the neighborhood the way Big Bear does any time they want to plant a new organic bean stalk.

  • my fingrz needs sum food.

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