Right Proper Brew Pub Coming to 624 T St, NW Next to Howard Theatre

624 T St, NW

Brewer Nathan Zeender tells me via email that the Right Proper Brew Pub has leased 624 T St, NW. Their indiegogo page explains:

Our Mission

Washington, DC, needs at least two things: more affordable neighborhood restaurants, and at least one locally owned brewpub.

Our objective is three-fold: We want to create a neighborhood gathering place that makes and serves well-priced delicious food and amazing fresh beer; we want to help our neighborhood thrive by investing in the community and its residents; and we want to anchor Washington, DC on the map as a destination for craft beer. Our business will invest in the growth and development of our employees as well as of our community.

Our Beers: The Short Version

The most important ingredient in beer is the yeast used for fermentation: No other ingredient has more influence on the aromas and flavors of the finished beer. Our brewmaster will source a wide range of yeasts from around the world as well as cultivate “house strains” unique to Right Proper.

Using mixed fermentation techniques as well as secondary and tertiary fermentation cycles, we’ll produce unique beers with complex flavor profiles. Our guests will taste beers that are bitter, beers that are sweet or even distinctly sour. Certain beers will be offered on cask to be served from a hand-pulled beer engine.

We’ll have a two-part beer program, standards and baroques. The standards will consist of beers that can be categorized into definitive historical beer styles. Any lover of craft beer will recognize these brews. The brewmaster will use his talents to put a unique twist on the different styles while still remaining true to the age-old brewing traditions that gave birth to them.

The baroques will consist entirely of barrel aged or barrel fermented beers. Beers of different flavor and aroma profiles will be blended to create unique products. Customers can also expect to find different versions of the same beer dry hopped, blended with fruit or with added herbs and spices.

CityPaper notes:

“the team is now planning to start service in October.”

Updates as they get closer to opening.


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  • More great news for this neighborhood! Keep ’em coming!

  • So excited for this!

  • Finally a place at this development I’ll like. Not too excited about the ham and sherry bar or the oyster bar but this place looks Aaawesome!

  • This sounds incredible! I’m excited to see it open.

  • Oh God, yes. Yes yes yes.

  • It is taking forever for that horrible area to take off. So much history is there yet it still looks forgettable. The Howard Theatre revitalization was a half-ass mess, look at the side of it, still crumbling. The front looks like cheap plaster. And why is Howard University determined to have it’s buildings look like projects?

    • To me the change has been fast.
      And I think the Howard is gorgeous.
      I not sure what you mean by HU looking like projects.

    • The Howard is beautiful. And yes, what buildings look like projects? This post is about Howard Theatre not Howard University.

    • This is a frustrating statement to stomach. A huge majority of the area is still under construction with change happening at a very fast pace. Also, Howard theater isn’t owned by Howard University nor does it look bad. I invite this reader to visit in person cause it was re-done extremely well. I have lived here 2 years and a friend of mine from out of town visited me for the first time in 2 years and he couldn’t believe the amount of change in just a year.

  • Can’t wait! I’ve had many of Nathan’s beers and he’s really got some talent.

  • andy

    Cool, off-beat beer place sounds great.

  • im counting the days until that crappy chinese place on the corner of 7th and T leaves…

    • Yeah! The owners of that business should be jobless and homeless!
      Hopefully something expensive that caters to you will open up there instead!

      • alternatively, they could take down the bulletproof glass and offer tables to sit at… but I have my doubts that this will actually happen…

    • Never eaten here, and I’m sure the people who own/run it are lovely, but anytime I walked by to get to the metro (which was relatively often) people standing outside of it said creepy things to me…To the point where now I take a longer way around it to get to the metro

    • I don’t know… chinese take out where you can order individual fried wings is a DC staple. It keeps the neighborhood diverse.

  • It is pretty crazy that we have no independent brewpubs and except for the new Gordon biersch no new ones at all for at least the past 10 years.

    • Although between this and Bardo, and Bluejacket (not sure if it will be technically a brewpub, so much as a brewery with a restaurant attached) we’ll have 2-3 more by the end of the year.

      Also, do you count District Chophouse as a brewpub? I think they’re independent, though I don’t know for sure.

  • This place sounds interesting. I’ll definitely check it out, but I hope this isn’t another place where I can pay $8-$9 per beer for the honor of drinking local products.

  • I wonder how they’re going to deal with the thatch hut scene that’s on the front of the place at the moment. Not exactly in tune with the brewpub vibe…

  • Is this where Cafe Mawonaj used to be?

  • On an unrelated note but relatively close by…Does anyone know whatever became of All Souls Bar at 8th and T NW? I know they won the liquor license battle back in June of last year but since there doesn’t look like there has been any movement in terms of actually opening

  • “affordable neighborhood restaurants” – What a wonderful thing to hear. I really REALLY wanted to like shaws tavern down the street but they are so expensive. For their prices I am very luke warm on the food. Good but not that good for $$$$$

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