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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: I had a set back for my ailing hip yesterday, brought on by a follow up visit to my orthopedist no less. It was so disappointing, though I’m feeling decent this morning.

    Rave: found a friend who wants my RnR Half bib, so I’ll recoup so money and it won’t go to waste. This is going to be the fastest race I’ve never run!

    Rant: swamped at work. I don’t understand how my boss thinks he can add like 10 projects to my plate and still get everything in the same amount of time, especially when Outlook is going nutso and IT has no idea why.

    Rave: at least it’s a decent day weather wise and I’m going to happy hour. I have practically no plans this weekend, and that’s a welcome change.

  • Rant/rave: Damn, Storycore on today’s NPR was a real tearjerker. Can’t put that on us so early in the morning. Jeez. Great story, though. He sounds like such an inspirational guy.

  • Rant: Mother Nature’s a tease! I can’t believe it got cold again and it’s supposed to rain this weekend. I had planned to go on a long bike ride Sunday.

  • Rant: read the comments in the WaPo article about the cab driver who was arrested for rape and then promptly released yesterday when the prosecutor declined to charge him. Pretty much half the commenters insisted that A) since he wasn’t charge, the bitch was clearly lying, and B) even if she wasn’t lying, she was drunk and alone in a cab at night, and thus was clearly “fair game”, (yes, someone used that phrase) for any penis that happened along. I nearly got a nosebleed. Will never make the mistake of reading WaPo comments again, I hope.

    • Reading the comments on the Washington Post website is always a demoralizing experience.

      • Ha, so true. It’s disturbing to know that there are apparently a lot of people with really screwed up views of the world.

        • Dude, this one “person” kept insisting that women shouldn’t be “out without an escort.” I sincerely hope that when this refugee from 1842 is publicly revealed, we’ll be able to replicate his time-travel technology, or at least send him back to whenever the hell he came from. Escorts. Honestly. Nosebleed RAGE.

          • It reminds me of a throw pillow I saw in a house on a historic house tour when I was 16 – “A young lady needs a chaperone, until she can call a chap her own.” Catchy, but annoying.

          • 1842? In much of the current world it is believed that an adult woman should not be out without an escort. A lot of DC’s cab drivers come from such cultures, in fact, which explains why they think it’s perfectly fine to sexually assault a woman traveling alone at night.

          • 1842? Heck, I had a friend in college who was not allowed to go out after dark without an escort. The only approved escorts were her father and her brothers. Note, not her mother. And, yes, this was in the United States. Poor girl even had to drop a class once when her dad realized she wouldn’t be able to get home before it got dark once winter set in. We don’t live in as enlightened country as we wish we did.

          • ^ That’s some extreme overprotective parenting, but a little different than believing a woman who’s out without an escort deserves to be raped!

      • WTOP.com is worse! If you want to question the decency of human beings check out the comments over there.

    • I never read those comments either. There is something about anonymous posting that brings out the worst in people. That dynamic plays out at times on these pages, though PoP seems to do a good job of keeping the crazies on a short leash.

      • Agreed — when I started reading this blog 2-3 years ago, there seemed to be a few number of snarky/mean comments, but I think PoPville has become a nicer and more compassionate place since then.

        Also agreed with Anonymous 10:37 about comments on WTOP, etc. being even worse than on the Washington Post website. I somehow found myself reading comments on a Washington Examiner article a few weeks ago, and they were truly appalling.

    • Well there were some folks who were critical of the comments on this site that followed the original report of the alleged sexual assault.

      In any event, whatever happened, the aftermath has been bizarre. How is it that the police are announcing the arrest of someone for sexual assault almost simultaneously with the prosecutor’s office announcing that the guy is not going to be charged with anything?

  • Rant: I don’t know if it’s the time change or what, but I’ve had shitty sleep all week. Feeling like a zombie but I have some pretty significant work to get done today.

    Rave: I’m working from home with the windows open. Definitely beats sitting in my windowless office all day.

    Rant/Rave: Tried Bar Method class the other night and my legs are more sore than they’ve ever been. I hated every minute of it, but that probably means it’s exactly what I need. If I can figure out how to pay for regular classes I’m totally going back.

    Rave: Finally found a mortgage broker who would work with me to refinance (my building is in a never-ending conversion process and most lenders run away). I’ll be saving a full percentage point on my mortgage rate and won’t be paying PMI any more. Here’s hoping for a smooth closing process…

    • msmaryedith

      I’m a barre fan, too. I go to Biker Barre, but it’s pretty pricey. However, I just noticed this deal offer on Gilt for Xtend Barre–might be a good way to get a start! http://www.giltcity.com/dc/xtendbarredc

      • I don’t get Barre. You pay someone to ride a stationary bike in a studio? I could do that at home for free!

        • I used to think so too, until I took my first spin class. It’s a lot more motivating than biking at home, and unless you really know what you’re doing you get a much better workout if you have someone instructing you. Not to mention I have no space in my home for a stationary bike.

        • I think you’re confusing Barre with Spin.

        • msmaryedith

          Yeah, you mean spin, not barre. And I thought the same about spinning until I started taking classes at Biker Barre. VERY different from riding a stationary bike at home. You are up and out of the saddle a LOT, have intense speed and/or climbing intervals perfectly timed to great music, varying speeds/resistance. It’s a great workout and I leave there drenched in sweat. I absolutely could not do it on my own at home on a stationary bike, not matter how motivated.

    • novadancer

      have you considered dvd’s (physique 57 is one)? or a gym that offers it? I used to belong to Vida at Verizon – they offered it 3 – 4 times a week so my per class cost was less than $10.

      • I have back issues, so I need an instructor to make sure my form is right, particularly for workouts that engage your core to the extent that barre does. Once I’m confident that I’m doing the exercises correctly I’d consider doing DVDs…but there’s something to be said for working out in a group. I’m less likely to give up when I start getting tired if I’m in a class because I refuse to be seen as the weak link!

        • msmaryedith

          If you did barre in a studio for a while and sort-of perfected the form, you could probably move in to DVDs eventually! But I do think barre is probably great for back issues if you have someone who makes sure you are doing it right–so low impact, and yet really strengthening your core. Even though I really like it, I don’t think I’d ever turn to DVDs, though–I’m with you. Having a class to go to and others there who will notice if I’m wussing out or being the weakest link is certainly a motivator!

    • Barre really is effective if your goal is to get toned. I’ve been “skinny fat” my whole life and this is the only fitness program I’ve done that has resulted in noticeable muscle. I actually enjoy it a lot though. Give it another try, but I wouldn’t stick with something if you hate it.

    • I go to xtend barre at Fuel Pilates and suffer through most classes, but love how it makes me feel after. Wish it was a little cheaper and had earlier classes. I downloaded the video, but can’t get through it without the social pressure of the class.

    • Same here! I have gotten no sleep this week and was wondering about it. TGIF!!!

  • Revel: Off to Philly this weekend for friends’ birthdays, engagements, and moving parties. Bring on the beer!

    Rave: Sunny Friday

    Rave: Booked a trip to Ukraine for July, and I’m really excited.

    Rant: Some complaints, but nothing really rises to rant level.

    • Re: Ukraine. Nice!!! Where in Ukraine are you going? If you can, go to Lviv. Just went there last september, I want to live there.

  • Rave. So stoked for my race tomorrow. Feeling good about my training and fitness at the moment.

    Good luck to all the other runners out there in PoPville.

    • Kick butt tomorrow!

      I’d be interested to hear what you think of the course in Monday’s RRRR. I hope some fans make it down onto the hill in Rock Creek, cause that thing’s a monster and I’m a little sad they moved it off of CT Ave where there was a lot of support last year.

      • Thanks! I ran last year too, and you’re right about the support up through Dupont and Adams Morgan. I do almost all of my long runs in the Park, though, and am pretty used to that bit. Hopefully all goes well.

  • Rave: It may be freezing, but the sun is out!

    Rant: Feeling totally alone in life when your spouse has a mental illness and asperger’s and the group that should have supported you turns their backs and says nonsense like “if you just work harder, everything will be fine” or “mental illness isn’t a real disease.” I know I need to find a good therapist or support group, but I have tried many in the past and they were useless.

    Rant 2: And when is the world going to wake up and stop the stigma BS against people with mental illness so that isn’t there to make everything so much worse than it already is?

    • I can relate to your rants– my partner’s depression/anxiety/panic has gotten really bad lately and I feel like the other people in her life are not being understanding. I don’t know firsthand what it’s like to experience her symptoms, but do I know you can’t just switch on a sunny attitude when you’re feeling so hopeless and scared. I’m hoping to find a support group we can go to… anyone have suggestions (or groups to avoid)? I think it’s critical that she talk to people that are going through the same thing, and it would help me understand the illness better.

    • Also, I read something a while ago about how scientists have found a way to detect depression in blood tests… I hope this practice becomes accepted and used, as it would definitely help remove the stigma.

    • have you checked out NAMI.org (National Alliance on Mental Illness)? They offer links to various support groups.

      • No, thanks for the link! I found some Meetup groups but they’re all out in the suburbs (not necessarily a dealbreaker but it adds another impediment to us actually going).

  • anon. gardener

    Rants: Bureaucratic madness today. Trying to be the voice of reason, but no one wants to listen.

    spouse off on week-long business trip to fabulous tropical country, while i stay home and walk the dog in the (impending) rain.

    horse i ride is ill, another i could ride is colicking, and it’s going to rain so no ride even if the horses were healthy.

    i think it might be a good weekend to hibernate and hope I wake up to spring!

    Thank god it’s friday.

  • Rave: March is a 3 paycheck month!

    Rant: I’m negative on vacation days, and can’t blow my extra paycheck going somewhere fun.

    Rave: met a new guy who i really like!

    Rant: guy i broke up with a month ago won’t get a clue and keeps calling.

  • Rant: People who walk around weaing their bike helmet. You look stupid!

    • The people riding bikes while carrying their helmets (on their backpacks or dangling from their handlebars) look even stupider.

  • Rave: Helping raise my nephews. The 5 year old is addicted to hummus and blue chips, while the 4 year old wants his tortillas and beans.

  • novadancer

    rave: last day of work until the 25th! I love working for a university that gives spring break to staff (technically I am taking 2 vacation days to make it a full week)!

    • Wow! When I worked for a university, we got only the first two days of spring break off. The other three days were working days.

    • Me too! I’m not taking the extra two days off but it’s still fantastic to have a five-day weekend without having to use leave.

      Bad news is that I’m quitting soon, so this will be my last spring break unless I get another University job. Good news is that I’m quitting soon!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: One of my favorite cousins is coming to town this weekend.

  • Rave: Away from the office for the weekend to hang with husband’s family out in Colorado…
    Rant: Dry air and altitude – must get chapstick and drink tons of water!!
    Rant: Working for two hours this morning and three last night because the office is crazy…
    Rave: Who gives a shit, I’m in beautiful Colorado!

  • MsNesbitt

    Full of raves today! Today is my last day (hopefully EVER) in a demeaning admin job. I start Monday at a university job (I see you other university staffers posting out there today) and I could not be more excited. My BFF comes into town tonight, and this weekend will be full of revelry. Happy, happy Friday!

    • congrats on the new job!

    • It’s Friday and I have no rants 🙂

      Rave: Taking a break from DC and heading up to NYC. It’s hard to believe that I haven’t been away from this town since before New Year’s.

      Rave: I’m getting compliments on my jeans today. I’ve had these laying around for awhile so they aren’t new.

  • Good luck to all the Rock n Roll runners tomorrow! I’ll be cheering you on!

  • Rave: well, that phone interview that I had a few weeks ago that I thought went well and never heard back from… I heard from them this week! The person I spoke with had the flu, which is why she was AWOL from email. I have an in-person interview on Monday!!! Wish me luck.

    Rant: I cried at work yesterday, which is why it’s time for a new job.

  • Rave: Sunny day, the cab driver from this week who told me a great beautiful story about his wedding, and an upcoming weekend.

    Rant: Bullying/pushy colleagues. The self-importance is off-putting.

    Rant: Sequester. Lower graded than most colleagues and starting to worry about money with the continuing pay freeze and potential for furloughs. Also wondering why the pay freeze does not apply to salary escalations for our contracts.

    • saf

      ” Also wondering why the pay freeze does not apply to salary escalations for our contracts.”

      Because they are contained in an executed contract.

      • I mis-typed. I guess what I mean to say is going onto year 3 of a pay freeze, why do we keep executing new contracts that include and approve annual salary escalation, and to a percentage that is higher than the average step increase (if/when those are even granted).

    Revel: Chipotle
    Rant: Ever damn since Capital One bought Ing Direct they have been sending my direct deposits back to my job. WTF. I am about to close this account. If this isnt a sign that I should stay away from Capital One I dunno what is.

  • Rant: Noticed today (as I’m working from home) that some neighbors have put a twin mattress out on the sidewalk, without even a corresponding “curb alert” on Craigslist.

    (Not that abandoning bulky mattresses, upholstered furniture, etc. on the sidewalk and putting a “curb alert” on Craigslist absolves one of all responsibility in the event that nobody takes the item… but at least with a “curb alert” there’s a chance.)

    Wondering how much time/benefit of the doubt to give them before I call 311 and report it as illegal dumping. It looks like it will definitely be raining by sometime Saturday.

    • Nah I wouldnt call 311. If it is still there after a couple of days just tell them who to call to have it picked up. No sense going that route and causing friction between you and the neighbors.

      • I don’t actually know the neighbors, though. And what’s the rationale for waiting? Once it starts raining, that mattress is going to become completely unusable.

        It’s not that I want to sic the DPW ticket-writers on them; I just want the mattress GONE. (Makes the street look trashy.)

        Shouldn’t the neighbors know better than to think that just putting something outside your house is an acceptable way of disposing of it?? (Our trash pickup is from the alley side, so it’s not like they put it there thinking it would be taken away by the trash collectors… which wouldn’t happen either, because you have to make a bulk trash pickup appointment for stuff like that.)

        Jindc, are you out there?? I remember you’ve reported frustration with neighbors just putting things out on the sidewalk as a means of getting rid of them.

      • I know I should probably introduce myself to the neighbors… it’s just that I’m terribly shy.

        FWIW, they’re not “longtime residents” (and neither am I); it’s a group house.

        • Oooooooh I get it now. Hmmm this is a toughy.
          Dang I dont know what to tell you.
          Im not that shy so I would just let them know that folks may call 311 and report them if they dont remove the mattress. They dont have to know that you are said folks.
          Are they repeat offenders?

        • Does it look like someone’s moving in or out? I’d give them a day or so to see if they’re going to do something with it. I doubt anyone on Cragislist would want a used matress, given the bedbug scare.

          • Had to giggle at this…the stuff that people are “offering” on craigslist makes me think that bedbugs would be the least of their problems. lol

      • Hah! Several hours after the mattress first appeared, it’s now listed in the Craigslist free section. Don’t know if the neighbors felt their ears burning or maybe stumbled on this PoPville thread.

        I’m skeptical as to whether they’ll manage to unload it, but I guess I’ll wait until Saturday morning to call 311.

    • anon. gardener

      You want the mattress gone. Call 311. End of story.

      • 311 is really quick. People used to dump a lot of their bulk trash behind my house, but if I put it a 311 request it was gone that day.

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