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  • brookland_rez

    I like to ride my motorcycle through that tunnel. Sounds amazing.

  • Isn’t this supposed to be like the Promise Bridge in Paris? The concept there is you put your lock on the bridge as some sort of romantic gesture, then throw the key in the river. The last thing we need is someone chucking their key onto the street below. What a dumb idea.

  • Just wait until the first padlock is accidentally, or intentionally, dropped from above and goes through someone’s windshield.
    This is not a good idea at all…not at all.

  • Is this the bridge and view that they use in the intro to House of Cards?

  • Who’s the clown who thought of this idea over a roadway? Really?

  • TOO FUNNY I was thinking about this today as I walked my dog past it. DC GVT already came out once and removed the sign, but somebody put another one up. It is an eyesore just like any other graffiti. I have to imagine this person is mentally unstable as a sane person would not deface public property for their own enjoyment. A sane person with such an idea would 1. put it on their own property, or 2. attend the local civic meeting to ask if neighbors would like to see this on public property, then apply for a permit to do such on public property. This person is not only pushing their desires on the community (junking it up) but wasting tax payers dollars having the GVT come out multiple times to clean it up. I think they should do the same to this person as any other they find spray painting graffiti. Possibly the person could benefit from some mental health assistance.

    • You don’t sound sane to me.

      • What part did not sound sane? Having a desire to obey the law? Not needlessly wanting to waste tax dollars? Considering the feelings of others? Being a conscientious neighbor? Showing concern for a person who obviously could benefit from from learning these things?

        Not sure where you were going with that.

        • It’s just an ugly bridge, dude. LMAO @ “being a conscientious neighbor”.

          I’m going to go put a lock on there just because you’re being so anal about it.

          • Adding a bunch of locks to an ugly bridge makes it uglier.

            Not a good outcome.

          • I know right! This chick want’s everybody to be Mary Poppins. I am gonna start tying shoes to this bridge too just to piss her off.

        • your categorization of the methodology of a sane person sounds as if you have a rigid view of the possibilities of life. it seems a bit neurotic, possibly Aspergers or some type of autism.

          • Or may be I am just a better person than most and hold myself to a higher standard that others should aspire. : )

            Being a good person ain’t that hard, step up people. : )

          • no, actually it sounds a bit ocd.

            but keep patting yourself on the back. you’re a good boy. smiley face sticker for you! yay!

    • ledroittiger

      I think it has nothing to do with mental instability. It’s likely just someone who thinks it’s a good idea that hasn’t seriously considered the negatives. But it’s also probably someone who wants a bit of recognition for having thought of something like this, so hopefully they read PoP when articles about their project go up and get a better sense of the debate surrounding it.

  • Oh, is THAT what locks on fences mean? I never could figure that out. Must be a D.C. custom.

  • As someone who lives in this neighborhood only a block south of this bridge, I’d be okay with the Promise Lock Bridge thingy if those putting locks on it made the following promise:

    “I promise, no matter how much ‘space’ is available, no matter how tempting it might be, and no matter how much my so-called ‘religious convictions’ makes me think I’m entitled to do so (you know, my ‘I answer to a higher power so YOU CAN’T JUDGE ME’ bullshit), NOT to illegally park on this bridge, in this neighborhood, or anywhere in proximity to my church on Sundays. I also promise not to use the turn lanes and medians of busy DC arteries as parking spaces, despite my fundamentally hypocritical belief that others IN A NEIGHBORHOOD I DON’T LIVE IN owe me that right.”

    Seriously, darken the bridge with locks if that self-indulgent, self-absorbed-all-done-in-the-name-of-religious-posturing bullshit stops.

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