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  • The Pret around the corner at 18th & Eye Street was also remodeled but they removed most of the seating. Now I have to walk another 3 blocks to this bigger Pret if I want to eat inside. Sigh… first world problems

  • What’s the difference between Pret A Manger and Le Pain Quotidien? I always confuse them.

    • At Le Pain you can sit down at a table and order off a menu. Pret just offers grab-and-go premade sandwiches and salads.

  • Nothing against Pret, good food and service, but please, if you work in this area, keep going or start going to the sandwich shop next door, Common Grounds. They have good food and really friendly people and I’d hate for Pret to put them under.

  • I love Pret-a-Manger because everything on the shelf seems to be a variation of a chicken avocado club sandwich, which is pretty much my favorite. Wish they would bring back the chocolate frosted cake bars.

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