Hopscotch Bridge – Love it or Hate it?


Whenever I ask friends about the Hopscotch Bridge connecting North Capitol to H Street I get love it or hate it answers. I fall under the love it category. What do you guys think – love it or hate it?


It is award winning:


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  • I’m definitely in the cringe-when-I-see-it category – I love that there is color and art here (it’s definitely better than a blank slate), but hate the design and execution of the mural!

  • Hate it.

    Looks like something a 6th grade class slapped onto the wall.

  • I can’t love or hate it. It’s in the not-bad, better then a blank wall category. Though I did actually like it when I thought it was done by school kids.

  • Not a fan. The bridge would be far more interesting to me if I could look at the trains running along the tracks below. The panels feel like a temporary construction barrier.

  • Children’s art project. Belongs on a playground, not on a major overpass in a city trying to sell itself as metropolitan and sophisticated.

  • Not a fan of this bridge.

  • My issue with the bridge isn’t the mural. It’s the design of the bridge itself. Seems like it could have been designed in a way that was much more accommodating to foot traffic to and from Union Station.

    • Absolutely 100% this. I HATE this bridge, but not because of the mural (though I’m not a huge fan of that either). I’m not sure how it would be done, but if there was a passage to Union it would make life a bit easier for those of us on the West end of H.

  • I love this bridge! It is whimsical and fun. There is not much you can do with a bridge over train tracks, and this brightens up the area in a creative way. As for the art itself, my favorite part is that the figures are a-racial rather than multiracial – think about it the next time you pass it! IMHO, it’s a great addition to DC’s cityscape.

  • It will be a moot point when Burnham Place goes in (http://www.burnhamplace.com/projectvision.html). Of course, we will probably have flying cars by the time this is a reality…

  • dcdon

    That’s the bridge?? I thought it was a temporary barrier with cute kids drawings. Build a better bridge!

  • I feel like there is a desire to cleanse this city of everything that came up between 1960 and 2000.

    And that saddens me.

  • I am a fan of this bridge..
    most of the people that dislike it probably know nothing of it

    & yes, i esp like it more now that the childrens museam is no more

    The fac that kids did the artwork is nice imo

  • the bridge is featured in the theme song of House of Cards

  • I think the original intent was to hide the blight, not so much as a welcome to the old Children’s museum. It probably wouldn’t be so ugly now if there was periodic maintenance/upkeep – I mean, the friggin’ award sign is missing two bolts. I think it would be better to modernize the architecture of the bridge itself, and include a more friendly entrance into US as opposed to dodging the busses coming out of the parking garage. The “Hopscotch” kids could easily be moved to decorate the walls or entrance to any of the newly revamped Rec Centers throughout the District (Rosedale, O St, etc.) – where actual kids are.

  • I want to be sympathetic, but it’s just not attractive. I think the white-painted background probably has something to do with it.

  • Dislike, with caveats. I actually thought it was a mural, and I hate murals especially by kids. The fact that it is a mosaic changes my opinion of it though. My plan would be to put glass panels (like the Wilson Bridge has) on the bridge so that the trains can be watched, but nothing can be thrown through/over the fence. Relocate the mosaics to the “Burnham Wall” along 1st St, or perhaps in the Union Station Metro station. Proposing to put them on the wall would make the historic preservation people’s heads explode, which is one reason why I’d favor. I think the mosaics could be appreciated better up-close in a place with more dense pedestrian activity. As they are now, more people see them in a speeding car, which is partly why I thought they were murals and not mosaics.

  • I love it, but I would love it even better if it was kept up better. It’s crumbling in place and just looks sad now. A little maintenance would go a long way.

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