Cool Way of Concealing Table’s Dumpsters

903 N Street, NW

Unfortunately Table’s dumpsters are in front of the restaurant. Fortunately they did an awesome good job concealing them:


Sadly they can’t enclose it completely:


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  • Looks fantastic, but is that lettuce? If so, I hope they have a way to keep the rats away. On a related note, don’t think I’ll eat lettuce at Table.

    • Hard to tell from the size of the pictures, but these plants are likely a mix of succulents and other drought-tolerant plants. They are popular on green roofs and “green walls” like this. If that’s what they’re going for and this thing fills in nicely, it could look very good.

  • This only works if the barrels and oil drums are actually concealed

  • If that’s outdoor seating, I sure don’t want to be out there in the summer next to stinking trash!

  • Public space regulations don’t allow dumpsters and seating to share public space. Business has to choose either dumpsters or seating, so that certainly is not going to be seating.

  • Yeah…that’s a pretty brilliant way to conceal the trash cans, but I really hope it’s just for show and they don’t actually plan on serving those herbs. Rodents climb…

  • Until we get an update on what’s growing, I’ll just say that if it were me, I’d plant aromatic stuff in there (NOT for use in the kitchen) to mask the smell.

    Either way, though, fantastic idea. I can’t get enough greenery in the city.

  • Not a cool idea at all! Totally obscures the facade so this is what people see coming from the corner of 9th and N. As stated below it looks like this rules out any outdoor seating due to regulations but they may have also sabotaged the use out of their front “garage door,” which by design is a really cool feature but not if it means trash stench lingering into the restaurant. Is there seriously no way to deposit the trash out back?

  • tonyr

    The outdoor seating is/will be on the roof deck.

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