Another Shot of the Famous ‘Roof Dog’


Thanks to ProfChris for sending this photo of the famous dog on the roof of Morgans Seafood:

“My Instagram of this dog who lives on the roof at Georgia Ave and Kenyon. He surveys the intersection daily. Very weird.”

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  • Roof Dog – sounds like the name of locally-brewed beer or cool garage band!

  • My neighbor’s dog does this (thought in an alley, not as visible). Eventually, she finally got excited enough and took the leap. Lots of surgeries later, she stays off the roof.

  • Seriously, how is that building not condemned??

    • Good question. Wasn’t there a fire there not too long ago? Or nearby? Last time I drove through that intersection, one storefront looked burned out.

  • what’s weird about it? what would you do if you were standing on the roof?

  • This dog jumped off the roof and tried to attack me and my dog a few months ago.

    • And this is why I can’t share the general love for Roof Dog.

      The situation is a public safety hazard.

    • This happened to me too! I was walking by with my two small dogs, and that dog jumped off after barking ferociously. It would have attacked us, but when it jumped down, it took a moment to rebalance, so I had a chance to quickly cross the street. At that point, the light changed and cars started crossing Georgia Ave, so we were safe enough to quickly walk away.

      Not cool.

      Also, that building is such a dump. They need to do some rehab. It’s holding back the neighborhood.

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