2013 DC Elephant Walk Route and Photo from 1894

Photo of the Elephant Walk in 1894 by PoPville flickr user StreetsofWashington

From Alert DC:

The Metropolitan Police Department wishes to advise the public of road closures associated with the Annual Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Elephant Walk scheduled to occur on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 8:00 pm. The streets will begin closing at 7:30 pm and re-open at 10:00 pm.

The Elephant Walk will proceed from Capitol Hill to the Verizon Center.

The walk will form at the New Jersey Avenue and Virginia Avenue, NW (Capitol Power Plant)

The route is as follows:

•North on South Capitol Street to Washington Avenue, SE
•Northwest on Washington Avenue to Independence Avenue, SE
•West on Independence Avenue to 3rd Street, SE
•North on 3rd Street to G Street, NW
•West on G Street, NW to the loading dock at the Verizon Center where they will disband.

Motorists and pedestrians are urged to use caution when traveling in this area due to heavy pedestrian, vehicle, and bus traffic in the above areas.

View 2013 DC Elephant Walk Route in a larger map

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  • The directions listed & the ones on the map are different. Just wondering which is correct, the ones listed are through 3rd St. NE which would be behind the capitol, but on the map it’s 3rd St. SW which is in front of the capitol reflecting pool. I’d like to check this out with the kids. Thanks!

  • This walk is awful, just like everything Ringling does. Animal cruelty at its finest. Please do not support and if you do go, it should be to protest.

  • Elephant Walk 1894–Yes

    Elephant Walk 2013–No

  • This post makes me miss one of my favorite restaurants in Boston and Cambridge – The Elephant Walk, Cambodian Cuisine. Anyone know of Cambodian restaurants in DC? Yes, I know this is totally random.

    • I lived in Boston/Somerville for six years and remember that place! Never ate there but passed it often enough when strolling up Mass Ave. Memories!

  • I’m not an animal rights person, but circuses shouldn’t use wild animals. Put an end to this horrible “tradition” already.

  • PoP – Please don’t support or advertise this. If you need more info about how horrible Ringling is, please refer to http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2011/10/ringling-bros-elephant-abuse

    and yes, it’s peta, but they are actually “right” about this one:

    • This doesn’t look like support or advertising to me. Just passing on an alert about road closures.

      • I think posting a historical photo about it is making it seem like a normal, fun, interesting, ethical thing to do. It’s not.

        • Agree. I appreciate a heads up about road closures but this whole “tradition” makes me sad. Poor elephants 🙁

      • Muddymae is exactly right. Just say “District event will close the following roads from ___ to ____ on March whatever.” If you need context, go with “District celebration of animal cruelty will close the following roads from ___ to ____ on March whatever.” And, yes, I’m an animal lover, so much so that I hunt them to have them in a delicious gravy on my dinner plate. But this event is wrong, wrong, WRONG.

        • You’re entitled to your opinion but I don’t think it’s fair to attribute motives to other people’s words. I read this post and literally my only thought was whether it would affect my commute home.

  • We should have free range elephants in rock creek. Or maybe the arboretum.

  • Don’t go except to protest! I’d go rogue and trample some handlers too if somebody tried to take my baby away at 18 months, chain them up and beat them with a metal hook. Monsterous.

  • Agree with pother posters this is horrible and in 2013 we should not be advertising an elephant walk as a good thing.

  • i’m happy to read comments that feel like animal circuses should be a thing of the past.

    i love elephants. i’d love to see them often. just please don’t make them do tricks for me. it turns my stomach to see that.

  • POP, could you post info on the protests next time?

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