Assault on Franklin St. bridge near the Metropolitan Branch Trail

From the Brookland listserv last night:

I was assaulted on the Franklin St. bridge today on my way home from work at about 4:30pm. I was on my bike and a group of about 10 14/15 yr-old boys were walking along the sidewalk (which is separated from the road by a concrete barrier). Two of the kids jumped the barrier into the street as I approached on my bike, the first hit me over the back of the neck (right under my helmet) with something really hard, the second kid tried to punch me and mostly missed. Luckily I didn’t fall, and turned around to notify the police that sit at the intersection. The kids took off, not sure if they were caught. Happy I didn’t fall, but will have a very sore head/neck in the AM. Just a warning to everyone biking over the bridge to look out for any kids jumping the barrier. And to let you know there are usually police at the intersection of Franklin and Edgewood RD if anything does come up.

We’ve previously spoken about safety on the MBT trail here and here.

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  • The subject line is misleading; the victim was not on the MBT, he was in the roadway on the bridge that happens to cross over the trail.

  • Getting really sick and tired of this city and the hooligans.

  • Something similar happened to me a couple of weeks ago on W street between 15th and 16th. At about 7pm, I was attacked by a pack of 14-15 yr-olds, boys and girls, and knocked to the ground. Nothing was stolen and the kids ran off after giving me a few kicks to the head. The cops came a few minutes later and we looked for them but couldn’t find them. I was dazed but alright.

  • On a previous thread, someone mentioned that there’s a WBT Facebook group. Do they have any type of buddy ride system set up for people commuting? Since so many people get assaulted by themselves, it might be something to consider.

  • DC needs a Commission on Bored and Restless Kids.

  • Please, fellow bike commuters: give me a shout and ask to hang off my wheel for the ride. I occasionally do the same if it’s after dark. There may be some safety in numbers, and it doesn’t hurt to draft a little on the days when the wind is in your face or through your spokes for the uphill trip.

  • WABA should put warning signs on the trail alerting riders (and runners/walkers) that there are roving bands of kids.
    Not only would this provide a valuable warning – but would draw attention to the issue and hopefully get a real response from city.
    Because its meant to get the city to do something – obviously they can’t be the ones to put the signs up.

  • I encountered an MPD cruiser using it’s search light on the trail last night around 6:30. I stopped to ask if anything was up and he said no. I would have preferred that he said someone was assaulted nearby but….whatever. My guess is patrols were stepped up afterwards.

    I’ve been surprised at the number of kids I pass smoking weed on their way to school in the mornings on the MBT. At least one group per week, usually 2 or 3.

  • Ride the trail everyday, and as noted this was not on the trail.

    For those that do, you probably noticed the gentleman who looks like he has been hired to maintence the trail. Always cleaning up, driving his little truck around. This guy is great. Seems to have slowed down unwanted traffic.

    As for this situation, didn’t happen on the MBT. DC Prep school is located right under the bridge at the head of the trail. I conisistantly get yelled at, kids purposely stepping in front of me, see young teens throwing away thier roach after a last drag as they enter the school door. Judging by the time and where the kids where headed, I would say they were leaving this school, or the appartment complex near by. There is also a horrible market on this corner that attracts an interesting crowd.

    The cop on that corner is just there to catch speeders through that light. Its pretty sad.

    • I’ve had the same experience of kids stepping in front of me like they were going to do something. Slammed on my brakes one time, skidded and went back to confront them. It was 3 punks who thought they were hot-shit right up until I turned after them. Then they just ran.

      I filed a complaint about a female officer who was sitting at that corner after she refused to call in a suspicious vehicle parked on the trail at night near the Franklin Mills mall. They really don’t do anything other than play solitaire, talk on the phone and eat….and EVERYONE that travels that street regularly knows they’re there so they speed across the bridge and slow down just enough to not get a ticket. Waste of energy really.

    • The school you are referring to is High Road Academy, and not DC Prep.

  • I walk across that bridge every day on my way to and from work. Never run into any issues with kids, though the cop on that corner is asleep 9 times out of 10 when I walk by him. Almost got hit by a car that ran a red light at the intersection last week, looked at the cop and he was catching some serious Z’s.

  • I know DC hasn’t cornered the market on useless, piece-of-sh*t kids without a decent bone in their bodies, but damn does it seem like DC has a lot of useless, piece-of-sh*t kids without a decent bone in their bodies. And yet if they get caught they get a slap on the wrist and they’re back attacking people in no time. Thanks for nothing, DC City Council. Very happy you’d rather make sure you get re-elected instead of crack down on the city’s junior thugs.

  • “. . . turned around to notify the police that sit at the intersection.” Totally unacceptable that police sitting at an intersection nearby needed to be notified by the assault victim turning around and pedaling back to them! Why the f**k are they sitting there?

    • The cop is usually posted on Franklin St. facing West with the speed camera. The cop on duty sets up (hides) to the right of the bridge so he might not easliy see the bridge behind him.

      • this should read,

        The cop backs up in the little ally space next to the church and bridge. Sets up a speed trap that will beep when somebody is speeding. Now they can close their eyes, play on cell phone, or hulu movies. Cop probably had no idea the group of kids even walked by

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