Disturbing Assault on the Metropolitan Branch Trail

by Prince Of Petworth October 22, 2012 at 1:30 pm 62 Comments

From the Brookland listserv:

Last night on my way to Chinatown I got clothe-lined (or something) as I was blazing down the metropolitan branch on my bike. 4 kids, probably 13-19 were on either side of the trail and decked me good before fleeing the scene. The incident was at the intersection with T St., at about 4th. I think they mostly just wanted to cause suffering for fun, rather than steal anything. I also think they were surprised I wasn’t out cold after the crash. In fact, I got one of their shoes.

I talked with the cops afterwards. Advice from me and them to y’all:

*Instinct is good. U turn it if you see folks idling on the trail, looking to pinch you between two or more other people. If it looks really fishy, call the cops.
*Time doesn’t matter. Muggings happen day and night the same.
*Bike/commute in groups. They go after solo riders.
*Call the cops immediately. They had been waiting for these guys and they were scouring the whole area in <5 minutes: bikes, patrol cars, etc. The response was pretty impressive.

We last spoke about safety on the MBT here.


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