50 pounds of KHAT Seized at “GEE Market” in Park View

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From MPD:

During this past weekend, members of the Third District’s Crime Suppression Unit conducted a robbery prevention operation that brought them to the areas surrounding the 3500 block of Warder Street. The officers were able to observe activity that led them inside of “GEE Market” located at 3583 Warder. Further investigation led to the discovery and seizure of approximately 50 pounds of KHAT as well as several cartons of cigarettes not authorized to be sold in the District of Columbia. As a result, there were numerous arrests and the investigation will continue on. Thanks to any and all the citizens that provided useful information relating to this case. Anyone with additional information relating to this matter or any other suspicious activity is encouraged to call (202) 727-9099 or email me directly at [email protected]

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  • Don’t worry about all that crack and heroin! Let’s focus on KHAT!

  • Dummy alert: What’s khat? Or KHAT, as it seems is the preferred spelling?

  • Damnit. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some Khat for a long time now. Apparently it was close-by this whole time…

  • I’m going to need more information, please.

  • think chewing tobacco laced with coke (but natural). it’s big in the somalia-ethiopia-yemen part of the world.

  • ledroittiger

    It’s a chewable leaf that acts as a mild stimulant.

  • The only reason this stuff is illegal is because the trade is dominated by pirates and Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups. Otherwise, this stuff is pretty benign and no worse than slamming a 5 Hour Energy drink.

    I understand why it’s illegal, but prohibition is not the answer to the problem. Seems like a waste of taxpayer dollars, IMHO.

    • I tend to say if the trade is run by Piratesin the gulf of Aden, and Al-Queda linked groups, that is a terrific reason to ban it.

      Comparing it to 5-hour energy? So it is virtually harmless?

      • I agree. However, it would make more sense to ban khat’s importation and allow it to be grown & sold in the U.S. The price would drop pretty quickly and the profits would stay here.

        Khat is, apparently, less addictive than tobacco or alcohol.

        • It was banned long before 9/11. Just another example of dumb US drug policy. It’s legal in Canada and the UK (or was as of a few years ago, don’t know if anything has changed).

          It isn’t addictive at all, and yes, harmless, at least in the short term (might have long term health effects). It’s like drinking a lot of coffee.

  • Good that they went in and busted illegal activity regardless of the severity

    Now maybe they’ll actually walk into or around D & B Deli (next to Murry’s) on Georgia a few blocks away which is easy pickings for drug sales at any time during the day. Not very hard to spot and seems to be running right out of the shop.

  • Khat I do not have a problem with. It’s the Dhog epidemic in DC that concerns me.

  • Doesn’t Khat have a short life (6 days from picking) so I’m guess that there are regular shipments coming into Dulles – CBP where are you?

  • Oh, Lordy.

    I used to live in the region of Kenya that grew much of the khat (called miraa in Kenya) in East Africa, and honestly, it baffles me that this stuff is illegal. It is nowhere near as strong as cocaine, more like a hyped up cup of coffee. And it does lose potency after a 2-3 days, so it’s gotta ship fast.

    You have to chew it for forever to really get a buzz off of it, most guys I knew who chewed would keep a plug tucked inside their cheek for hours at a time.

    I tried it once, and it’s bitter and pulpy, and you get loads of plant fibers stuck in your teeth, so you look like you have green teeth. If chewing is part of your culture, then that’s one thing, but I had no interest in partaking ever again. Nasty stuff, as far as I’m concerned!

  • I remember reading this article in the Washington Post about the culture of khat-chewing and how it was factoring into politics in Yemen:

    Laid-back attitude leavens the revolution
    By Sudarsan Raghavan – Washington Post Staff Writer
    Published: February 5, 2011

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