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  • I don’t think the notice is as dramatic as you’re implying. Most likely the tenant hasn’t paid rent, so the landlord came by a few times over a few days and noticed that the business was closed and possibly abandoned. In order to safeguard the interior and furnishings (which the landlord could auction off in the event of default) they changed the locks and posted a note. Happens all the time.

    • That seems to be the case. This is not a letter addressed to the public but rather addressed to Nizar Bagig, the tenant.

  • The schwarma business is serious. Accidents can happen any time and it’s important to ensure that no schwarma related incidents happen. Therefore the building needed to be secured. No schwarma for you.

  • Whatever, Amsterdam Falafel is the superior spot anyways.

    • While I love Amsterdam Falafel and was never a big fan of Shawarma Spot, shawarma and falafel are two completely different offerings. (I am aware that Shawarma Spot likely served falafel in addition to Shawarma.)

    • yeah, but AF doesn’t deliver to my door on a rainy night.

  • If you put this place in another location such as columbia heights in DCUSA building i think it would have done well.

  • anyone have an update on the revamp of Toledo Lounge? Thought that would be a relatively quick rebrand but its been closed for months. Also that new restaurant in the former Tom Toms. That’s been a long time coming as well.

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