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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Shopping Malls!
    Rant: The National Mall 🙁

  • Rave: It’s Friday!!!!!!
    Rave: Date night with my honey at Seventh Hill pizza for dinner and nutella pizza for dessert last night, so yummy!
    Rave/Rant: I’m excited about inauguration but I’m not looking forward to the crowds and being outside in the cold.

  • Rave: hockey returns!

  • Rant: Shopping Malls!
    Rave: The National Mall 🙂

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: Got asked back for a second interview, even though I felt like I didn’t do so great during the phone interview!

    Rant: The second interview is two hours long… and with 13 people. Yikes!

  • Rant: Too much time spent at work this week.

    Rave: Lots of billable hours means money money money!

    Apparently my fiance doesn’t feel very “engaged” yet. Looking to surprise him with a 4-ish day getaway. Recommendations?

  • Rant: Found the woman who beat me out for a position with a non-profit. I am now 0-3-0 on the past 3 interviews…

    Rave: Best friend will be in DC for her medical rotations in March. Excited to have her around for a couple of months!

    Rant: Need new job, need new life. Why hasn’t my career or life taken off? What am I doing wrong?

    • What you are doing wrong is worrying about your career as if it has anything to do with your life….live life the rest will follow. Especially in DC where the first question out of everyone’s mouth is “What do you do”, it’s very easy to get consumed by what other people are doing. Unfortunately the majority of people in this city miss most of life’s finer points being consumed in the rat race.

    • I get the 0-3 but what would constitute a tie?

  • anon. gardener

    Rave: my ears popped. it’s the little things…
    Rant: they are closed again. Boo, sinusitis.

    • Anongardener, I’ve had an ear ache in my right ear since Demember. When I put eye drops in my right eye, my right ear hurts a little. I should schedule an appointment with Kaiser a.s.a.p.

  • Rant: Forgot my change of shoes and my phone at home (woops!).

    Rave: My winter boots are super comfy even if they look really goofy.

    Rant: Supposed to find out at 10am if we were shortlisted for a proposal but haven’t found out yet… fingers crossed!

    Rave: Looking forward to a nice three day weekend where I finally get my husband back, cousins visit, we get to sleep-in, and just enjoy being home.

  • Rave: Project in Uganda is starting well. Getting praise from a Mission with a very tough reputation feels great!

    Rant: I’m totally sleep deprived and will probably end up working all weekend.

    Rave/rant: I extended my trip to attend a workshop, which gives me a weekend to go visit the mountain gorillas. It’s a rant because there’s a certain someone I miss a lot, and it means I won’t get to see him for another week (on top on the month I’m already here).

    • Congrats on start-up going well! And to get accolades from the Mission – that’s unheard of ;-).
      Have an incredible time with the gorillas! I’m hoping I get back to East Africa some time soon to do the same.

  • Rave: Three day weekend

    Rant: No snow

    Rave: NFL championships

    Rant: Might miss at least half of the Ravens game because of a kids’ party I’m going to.

    Rant: “You’re posting too fast” message on PoP

    Rave: Metro (so far) isn’t full of clueless tourists. I’m glad I’m off Monday.

  • Rant: #1 kid has norovirus (No No not on the carpet!)

    Rant: Threw my back out again, doing absolutely nothing.

    Rave: Beautiful sunlight this morning up in Petworth.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Apologies: Now that I can work from home if it snows we will never get snow or snow closures again. I am sorry.

    Rant: Still have laryngitis.

    Rave: Feel fine.

    Rave: Doc was unconcerned, so now I am too.

    Rant: I was hoping to get brownie points for coming to work “sick” since I sound terrible, but my meeting with the higher ups was cancelled.

    Rave: I’m not actually sick!

    • pablo .raw

      In that case, I would like to apologize to the whole city for the invasion of owls and hawks. Due to an injure in my arm, I decided to not carry my 300 mm lens every day!

  • Rave: Caps are back! It was great to see them out on the ice last night!

    Rant: Not much actual work today means it’s gonna’ be a loooong day.

    Rave: Lots of fun weekend plans.

    Rant: A friend is having her 25th birthday party tonight, with dinner followed by Penn Social. I realized that dinner doesn’t start until 8, which means we won’t even hit the bar until 10’ish…damn, I’m old.

    Rave: Zotz! The ‘throwback to my childhood’ candy.

  • Rave: It’s Friday and I get to see my sweetie tonight! We’re workin’ the long distance relationship like champs.
    Rant: Still no word on the offer I was supposed to get this week…causing me much stress, there is kind of a lot hanging on it. Patience, patience, patience…

    • The (now) wife and I did the LD thing for over 2 years. She was here, I was in CO. It was difficult, but rewarding. It’s good to have that solid foundation of communication. You can’t just make out to get rid of your problems..you gotta talk them through. It can make a good relationship even stronger. Congrats on being champs so far..keep it up.

  • Rave: moving out of DC
    Rave: Avoided two accidents this morning. One with a taxi that didnt yield and the other with a woman who doesnt know how to switch lanes. Happy everyone is unscathed.
    Revel: Hanging out with my friends tonight on U Street

  • Revel: State holiday – Lee Jackson Day in VA? To counter MLK day? What is up with that?!

  • Rant: Bike riders not stopping at stop signs. I simply don’t understand it. Do they want to get hit by a car? They will run through stop signs, almost get hit, and then come on Popville and bitch and moan about how drivers don’t share the road. Please bikers- respect the stop signs and stop like everybody else does.

    • Yeah, and those of us bikers who do respect the traffic laws (complete with using my hands to indicate turns) get almost plowed over on the way to work while using the road. Today, a DC driver (surprise- it is usually MD drivers who do this to me) cut out of a line of traffic and almost side swiped me on the road. Guessing it is just anger/jealousy for being stuck on the city streets, but talk it over with a shrink before you take someone out on the road.

  • Rave: Work has been good. My boss just put me 25% on a project that I am DYING…dying i tell you…to be on!!! Bless her, I am so happy.

    Rant: Adm Assist I’m trying to help out is not very bright and gets frustrated when she doesn’t understand — even when you repeatedly showing her how to do it. She started to slam her computer mouse on the desk and yells at me STOP YELLING AT ME. I say I’m not yelling you are the one yelling.

    Rave: her supervisor is not happy with her came to me to discuss her bad behavior.

    Rant: one of my super wonderful coworkers is leaving for another job. Today is her last day. I’m so sad.

  • gotryit

    rave: hopefully closing soon on a new place
    rave: lots of work to do before moving in

  • Rant: last night, about 4AM, people were FUCKING POWERWASHING the roof/vents of the horrid Chinese “restaurant” at 11th and P NW – you kept seeing lights flickering through my window and thought someone was trying to break in. Nope, they were wearing work lights on their head, wearing all black, at 4AM while they loudly powerwashed. Generator and all.

    Rant: that whole corner needs to go. Sorry, those places are dumps. Powerwashing the roof/vent…starting from the top down for cleaning?

  • Rant: We forgave the duct/furnace cleaning company for their faults (being careless removing grates, screwing up paint around the vents) when they helped get our furnace ready as we scrambled to move into our new house more than three years ago. I even gave them nice reviews.

    Today, I found out that the technician from way back when apparently just threw in whatever size filter he had that day after he cleaned our furnace – one that was five inches too short for our system. So, as we’ve followed their lead on the filter size – assuming that they must have known what they were doing, or would at least have told us if they did’nt have the right materials and had to take a temporary shortcut – you can now construct a whole new cat from all the cat hair and dust that is gunking up the blower and heating coil contraption.

    Rave: A furnace that’s nearly as old as I am is still (knock on wood) functioning – a feat that is made even more amazing by the crappy service of the earlier company.

    And websites that let you review these things.

  • Rave: It is my Birthday, and going to celebrate with close friends at Red Derby tonight (a semi-tradition).

    Rave 2: I am adopting a cute chorgi-mix, and will pick him up tomorrow!

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