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Stabbing on the 3500 Block of 14th St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth January 18, 2013 at 9:00 am 31 Comments

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Some may have noticed the road closures/diversions on 14th Street, NW.

From MPD:

Around 3am today, units were flagged down in the 3500 blk of 14th St NW for an injured female. It was determined the female was suffering from apparent stab wounds and was transported to an area hospital for treatment. There is no suspect lookout at this time. Detectives are investigating this matter and we ask that anyone with information please call 202-727-9099.

  • Gah, too close to home… :(

  • Police tape was still up this morning in front of/around the Exxon station. Ugh.

  • Poon

    I tried to get some info from a cop and interviewed a hobo on the way to work this morning. The hobo seemed to think that this wasn’t random, for what it’s worth. He also said it happened at 6:00, so I’m wondering how much stock I should put in his narrative.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure how much stock I put in YOUR narrative after the repeated use of the word “hobo”. Have some respect, maybe?

      • Anonymous

        Hobo is fine profession. You shouldn’t judge someone’s path in life.

      • Boris S. Wort

        You don’t trust the information because you don’t like the terminology?

      • anon

        Yes, at least a hobo works when he can, as opposed to a bum (who doesn’t work at all) or a tramp (who works only when forced to).

        • Anonymous

          But tramps are very efficient – they know how to keep all of their belongings in a bindle tied to the end of a stick.

          • Anonymous

            No, that’s a hobo. I don’t think y’all know your definitions.

        • Anonymous

          Tramps are cute when they share a plate of spaghetti and meatballs with their ladies.

      • Anonymous

        Is “home-challenged” or “hygeine-challenged” more appropriate?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I’m not sure about your use of the word hobo either. Aren’t hobos people that move around from city to city, riding the rails and whatnot? This person was more likely just a bum.

      • Anonymous

        I’d say calling bums and derelicts “hobos” is actually pretty generous, and mildly creative.

        BTW, exactly why do bums and derelicts deserve “respect”?

        • Anony

          Because they are human beings

          • Anonymous

            how is this relevant to deserving respect?

        • Anonymous


          • Rococo

            haha, this thread is amazingly hilarious. Only on POP

          • anonymous

            My (albeit limited) view of hobos comes from Big Daddy in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” His father was a hobo, and died by the railroad tracks, maybe after being thrown off a train. Big Daddy buried him there, and kept his suitcase for years. So there must have been something endearing about the old man, even though Big Daddy wasn’t totally positive about him.

            All this PoP chatter makes me wonder if there were also any Okies who witnessed the crime.

        • Anonymous

          Because they’re 99 percenters being oppressed by the one percenters! I bet you voted for Romney!

      • Poon

        Whoa whoa. Since when is “hobo” offensive? Why must commenters patrol the Prince of Petworth looking for something to manufacture indignation about? I’m offering information about a crime that happened very close to my home in language that I deem relates my experience concisely. Should I have written “partially drunken transient Latin man, who likely slept in the alley behind 14th between Perry and Spring”? Hobo is a great word. Maybe because it rhymes with “homo”, you somehow think that it should be removed from the English lexicon? I’d have called him a bum, but “bum” connotes people downtown, to me, who generally have a lot of blankets and perhaps a shopping cart. This guy was looking for work, but also slept in the alley last night. Hobo is an appropriate description, even if he doesn’t ride the trains (which he might).

        Hobo hobo hobo.

        • anon

          OR maybe he had a “HOBO SPORT” t-shirt on, what y’all POP members know about HOBO SPORT?

  • Anonymous

    Everybody be nice, but it is true that the sidewalks on 14th between Park and Taylor have many men who spend a lot of time stumbling or laying around, sadly.

  • ET

    “no suspect lookout” makes it sound like this was someone she knew and knew where to look for the person.

    • The Washington Post writeup said that “the victim refused to describe her attacker”.

      • there are only 2 reasons for that. fear. or honor.
        both are bullshit and will keep this city down.

      • Keepin’ it real

        Snitches get stitches!

        • Anonymous

          They learned well from the Mafia. Omerta anyone?

  • Jon

    Hey buddy, spare a quarter (No hobo.)

  • ronda

    There is always a lot of loitering on the corner by that Exxon. During the days it seems to be day laborers waiting for work which is not bothersome but at night it’s definitely a shady crowd. Also the Exxon seems to dump its trash in that corner and around the back of the building which invites unsavories of all species. Any suggestions on who to call to complain?

    • Anony

      Your mom, because she is the only one who cares.

      J/k couldn’t resist :) I would honestly talk to Exxon first, if they blow you off then 311 for illegal dumping (also on-line or an app for it to include a photo).

      Unfortunately the loitering thing continues to be a problem because the groups can often get obnoxious while drinking all day…foot patrol beat cops anyone???

  • Zack the Barber 14 brother for life

    this so called hobo is a person whatevever choices a person makes in life is there choice or maybe society as it is for some people is to blame. What ever the case may be this person is still a human being that has a mother and or father probaly children of there own if you cant gain a identy of a person the prober name would be Jane Doe or John Doe but Hobo is very offensive and the person who wrote and called a victim of a crime a Hobo should have some reprocussions from his or her boss and the victims family. Like i said what ever happened to respect for the victom no matter how they live in society they still need to be treated with respect


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