Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Eckington

This rental is located at 31 Florida Avenue, NE:

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The listing says:

“Very Spacious four bedrooms two full and two half baths with a fully finished basement. In the newly rivatilized florida ave NE. Walk to shopping, Metro Bus and Train, Walk to Union Station and Capitol Hill, Walk to Bus Terminal and DC farmers Market. Priced to rent quickly. Dual Zone use.”

This 4 BD/2 Full, 2 Half BA is going for $2,800/Mo.

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  • Wow – no place could actually be as bad as those photos make it look!

  • Looks terrible, but it is indeed priced to rent quickly.

  • Looks like James Gumb lives there.

  • Although it does not look like a brand new reno… that is a heck of a price to be renting at so close to a metro stop…

    not bad

  • Allison

    For some reason the photo with the lone black chair sitting in the middle of the living room made me crack up so hard.

    … “And this is where you can tie your victims!”

  • is this the building that used to be the warehouse for the tire place?

  • I feel like this area is still kind of sketchy at times. I definitely felt like people were staring at me last time I walked around there, but it’s pretty close to the Metro so it would be a good deal for the right renter.

  • i ride my bike by there for the morning commute to Union Station and its pretty amazing how NoMa is creeping up First St. businesses have moved into the new buildings… and people are out and about at 6am (normal people too… not sketchy bums). too bad the Florida-NY-First-Eck Pl intersection will always be a royal mess (unless they redo the traffic flows).

    • one of those “too “s should have been a “to”… blast!

    • Ha! That *is* the redone version! It was changed in 2009ish to the clusterf–k that it is now. Even worse, the DDOT building was located on that intersection at the time, and they still screwed it up beyond comprehension!

  • The 100 block of Florida Ave NE? No thank you. That said, maybe some folks would be comfortable there. Someone should make it into a group house.

    • I just found out i might be moving this summer and will need to rent out my house on 11th and K. It’s fully renoed and beautiful. 3 bedrooms,
      2.5 baths, front porch with landscaped front yard, gas fireplace and parking. I would keep the separate basement apartment furnished for myself for when i come back into town. is 3000/month too much for this house in this area?

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