Taylor Charles Steak & Ice Signage Up – Opening Soon at 1320 H Street, NE

1320 H Street, NE

I had heard that Taylor Charles Steak & Ice (from the Taylor Gourmet folks) would be opening up this Wed. at 1320 H Street, NE next to Shawafel but now I’m told the opening date will be finalized this week. At any rate it should be any day now – looks like they pulled off a great renovation.

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  • Steak and Ice? Whaaaaaaat? Explain.

  • I really dislike the logo. Just terrible.

  • Cheesesteak and water ice…if it’s Philly themed…

  • And the name is awfully close to Charles Taylor, noted war and human rights criminal.

  • Finally… been walking by that wood they had up every week for months

    wonder what the menu looks like
    1 i hope it isgood food…
    2 i hope they are open late

  • I assume this is opening to appease the people that lost the Philly steak and Ice place? (http://www.yelp.com/biz/philadelphia-water-ice-factory-washington?sort_by=date_desc)

    • im pretty sure that stoll opens up in the warmer months

      • The same people own the Philly Water Ice place and Spoiled and Rotten. Frozen Tropics tweeted that both are now permanently closed, and that the Shawafel owners have taken over the Water Ice space.

  • Info on the menu:

    It’s a cheesesteak place, but there are going to be other options, too: chicken cheesesteaks, a “really killer” but secret-for-now hot dog of some sort and a couple of vegetarian options that could include eggplant and mushroom variations on the classic sandwich. Patten says they’re also testing a hamburger that would be deconstructed into the shop’s rolls rather than a bun. There will also be fries with Old Bay, onion rings, and house-made water ice with seasonal flavors like kumquat. Beyond Whiz, they’ll be stocking provolone, American, mozzarella and an American cheese sauce.

  • Looks like a wannabe high-end night spot. Steak and Ice doesn’t sound appealing at all… makes me think raw meat. Bleh. But what do I know. These guys seem to know their stuff; more power to them.

    • What exactly makes it wannabe high-end? That it has a real sign and not a banner?

      • ….the color scheme, the hard to read vertical embossed signage, the glass, geometric shapes. When I think cheesesteaks, I think primary colors, red brick, neon, backlit signage…

        • so thats how you think of it. not how the owners of this place think of it.
          we can all have different visions of something.

  • I feel like this name is four unassociated words jammed together for no rhyme or reason.

  • Maybe this is a clue as to what they’re doing at 14th and P, if it’s not going to be a Taylor Gourmet.

    That area could use a place that has really good cheesesteaks, and if it’s really good, I can overlook the fact that it’s named after a Third World baby raper.

  • I think the name completely makes sense if you are from Philly. Looks awesome to me. So many haters on here!

    • You’ve gotta understand. Around here, we all hate pretty much everything about Philly, except for the cheesesteaks. It’s nothing personal.

    • And, as we are in DC… mind letting us know what sense to make of it.

      Cuz like others, I think of a war criminal.

      And that sign is awful, imo

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