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  • Wow – embarrassingly bad. Looks like the something “designed” by a not-really-that-clever-kid and pushed through by doting but deluded and well-connected parents.

    • I want to know who got the contract to make all these awful banners. They all look like they were designed in MS Paint. Follow the money…..especially in DC….

  • indeed… looks trashy.

  • “Michael, look at banner!”

    -GOB Bluth

  • A comment on the 2009 banner post questioned who pays for these banners? Anyone know?

  • 80’s midwestern mall.

  • These are both terrifically trashy. I’ve never understood why neighborhoods/BIDs/ANCs ever want/allow these things.

  • How about banners that say “Cleveland Park – NIMBY Central” or “Cleveland Park: We’d Rather Have Vacant Storefronts than Restaurants”

  • Emmaleigh504

    Awful. I wish the banner trend would die.

    • Ugh, me too. Reminds me of every Simpsons episode when Mayor Quimby gets sold on a stupid trend by a fast-talking salesman. Like the Springfield Monorail….

      “Hey BID….nobody will notice all those cracked sidewalks and rats if you put up some of my super-awesome BANNERS!”

      I wish Adams Morgan would bring back the light-up shoe and martini glass.

  • How about instead of wasting time and money on banners, Cleveland Park instead ends its outdated restaurant restrictions to give folks more of a reason to go there than to see a movie at the Uptown?

  • I prefer the Dupont and U Street banners. The fonts on all of the others could use a different font or background color. There is so much more out there besides Arial Bold ALL CAPS.

  • This banner trend should end. Now. But I’m always bemused by the comments claiming empty storefronts and few restaurants in Cleveland Park. Clearly a lot of PoPville repeat what they read on here without checking out what’s actually in Cleveland Park.

  • I think the next PoPville contest should be to set these catchy lyrics to music:
    Live it up!
    Live it up!
    Live it up!
    Live it Uptown!

  • Which ones do I like? None of them.

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