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Who Has The Best Neighborhood Banner?

by Prince Of Petworth March 23, 2009 at 11:00 am 17 Comments


I’ve heard lots of different opinions on the many banners around town. We’ve spoken about this before but I think it’s time to have an official vote. I was able to take pictures of the banners in Petworth (above), Mt. Pleasant, Columbia Heights, Anacostia, H Street, NE, Bloomingdale and Truxton Circle. (I’m sure I left some out but I passed these on my walks).

After the jump, take a look at the other banners.







  • Anonymous

    they made a typo on the Truxton Circle Banner. Shouldn’t it read “Established in 2007 by the national association of realtors”

  • RD

    I bet the Tivoli North banners are going to blow these out of the water

  • Anonymous

    Those banners on light poles kind of annoy me – not sure why though.

  • Nestum23

    The banners in Spanish in Mount Pleasant misspeled CIUDAD and wrote CUIDAD, have you noticed?

  • WDC

    The Anacostia ones are the most aesthetically pleasing.

    The Columbia Heights ones are by far the ugliest.

    The Mount Pleasant one is badly laid out. It reads Mount Pleasant In the City a Village. Looks like someone on the planning committee gave the job to his cousin, with no regard for the kid’s skills.

  • not telling

    Love the Anacostia ones. Both the graphic design and the message.

  • christopher

    i wish they all had some uniting factor, like the ‘est. date’ box at the bottom, maybe even the neighborhood name box at the top

  • Anon

    Why does H St NE say “DC Lottery”? Who pays for these things anyway?

  • Redhead

    Anacostia. Hands down.

  • Shouldn’t the Petworth banner feature a row house with a popup?

  • Divine

    I really like the design on the H street one.

  • trinidad and eckington have banners too. i like eckington’s the best.

  • TheNeighbor

    Bloomingdale..I like real photographic ones.

  • Naomi

    Anacostia and Mount Pleasant have the best – even though MP banner is laid out oddly. I really think Petworths is boring.

  • Neener

    Mt Pleasant says Cuidad because you have to be careful, duh

  • Jimmy D

    In Adams Morgan, the lights that are shaped like a high-heel shoe and coffee mug, etc. would get my vote for this sort of thing.

  • Binklesworth

    Diggin’ the Anacostia. MP’s is quite nice, too.
    The H St. one pisses me off because it reminds me of the H St. Connector that I never manage to catch.


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