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  • So essentially they are just going to make it look like it used to look.

  • I wasn’t a huge fan of the building but I was of the school. In that one case it was form meets function. Glad to see this reno though.

  • Yes, looks better than before. Would have liked to see a few stories added to the top, to increase density a bit though (set back a bit to satisfy the NIMBY folks).

  • we need zanier architecture.

  • Dull and duller. Seriously? No hope for our species.

  • god forbid we have anything but stodgy architecture in this city.

  • To my fellow readers: from ownership of building:
    1100 16th Street is a unique full building opportunity to be delivered in shell condition or build-to-suit. Existing concept floor plans allowing for approximately 130 employees are complete. The once “maze-like” layout will convert to an efficiently flowing floorplate exposing 16+ ft ceilings on the 3rd and 4th floors with incredible mezzanine “balcony-like” space opening up to the 3rd floor. A unique 4th floor contains approximately 3,800 square feet with a walk out roof-top deck featuring Washington Monument views.

  • Back in the day, that building was home to the Bejamin Franklin School of Accountancy

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