DGS Jewish Deli Soft Opens in Dupont Circle

1317 Connecticut Avenue, NW

A reader sends word that Dupont’s new Jewish Deli, DGS, soft opens at 1317 Connecticut Avenue, NW:

“When I walked by yesterday [Saturday], the widows were all still papered – today [Sunday] they’re open!”

Looks like their promise of opening in early Nov. is coming true. YES!!!

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  • Wow – looks different than the Jewish delis I grew up with. That’s okay. Welcome to the city, I mean neighborhood!

  • I am excited to check this place out.

  • Is it a Kosher deli?

  • Met one of their bartenders last night at big hunt. Great guy, sounds like a fantastic place to eat. Can’t wait to check it out.

  • I just had lunch there and it was super delicious, however, it was $17 for a cornbeef ruben (no sides) and a can of Dr. Brown’s soda, so probs not a viable lunch option for most.

    Hopefully once they get more established they will have some lunch specials and I can afford to go back. The space is really nice though, and I got a window seat. The staff was also really friendly and it seemed to me that they were super smooth for having been open only two days.

    • The Reuben at Deli City is ten bucks less, but it’s in the middle of nowhere so, yeah, you’re paying for the rent on that charming real estate. You’d pay the same for a Shackburger, fries, and shake.

      • to just say it’s because of rents is inaccurate. it’s also the owners expectations of profits. i’d bet anything the owner of deli city never thought they were going to get rich of of his establishment.

      • shackburger: $4.75
        fries: $2.65
        shake: $5

        total: 12.40, or 27% less than DGS. Neither is a cheap lunch, but they aren’t the same.

  • I was hoping this would be a place you could just order an under $10 sandwich at the cashier and grab a seat. From the look of the way the table is set, I guess it’s not quite that casual. Is this more of a restaurant with a wait staff/etc.? I would have preferred super casual.

    • I hear you. The concept for this place is contrary to what *delis* are. Too bad. Seventeen bucks for a reuben? Seriously? Whatever the high prices are for (rent, profit in the pocket), I wonder how long it will stay in business. That is one of the problems with DC restaurants. And those prices are not in keeping with CT avenue prices for food/lunch time options.

      • It’s not a “deli.” It’s a “playful reinterpretation of the classic deli,” which means you get to pay twice as much money for half as much food. And if you don’t like it, there’s a .99 cent menu at the McDonalds down the street. Or you could just pay $5.99 for a six-inch “footlong” at Subway.

    • for that you’d want to go to CF folks! i’m excited about this place but hopefully it doesn’t harm the other deli businesses in the area 🙂

    • I agree. While it was decent it still doesn’t compare to the under $7 big corned beef sandwich at Bethesda Bagels just up the street. Maybe not as “kosher jewish style” as one would want but they are quick, fresh and busy. All of which I consider a good thing.

  • They are doing all the pickling and smoking in house… Housemade pastrami… Yum!

  • While the name suggests it is a deli, it is a restaurant–an expensive one at that. It’s a huge disappointment–$13 for a small corned beef sandwich with no sides is a rip-off in any neighborhood.

  • Will Stephen Crockett Jr. call out these restauranteurs for the blatant swagger-jacking that is going on here?

  • Has anyone been to been to a classic deli in NYC anytime recently? 2nd Ave Deli and Katz’s are both quite expensive. If DGS does the food well it is worth the money. We should stop lamenting a lack of similarity with Deli’s from generations past, and instead see if the quality justifies the cost.

    • Yes, I have. I know that they are expensive but somehow when I get a bagel, lox, cream cheese (15 dollars), which sounds like a lot for that. You get a gigantic and NY-quality bagel, about a pound of cream cheese, another pound of lox, so it’s actually a really good deal.

  • Best Jewish deli ever tried. Check out the prices.

  • Talked our way into the soft open tonight for dinner. The food was very good and the service exceptional (both friendly and quite on-top-of-it for a soft open). Other than the sandwiches (which are a small part of the menu) the food was more an interpretation of Eastern European Jewish food: they put preserved lemon in the kasha varnishkes, bacalao in the kreplach (topped with zaatar), and fennel oil on the borscht. We didn’t try the sandwiches, but the meat looked really good, as did the bread. Quite small though for the price. They smoke everything in-house. They also have an interestingly-stocked bar in the bar. I really hope they do well. This will require in part having some lower-cost options for lunch carry-out.

    They will be open on Wednesday for real, but the carry-out counter won’t be open for another few weeks.

  • If this is anything like Mile End in Brooklyn (also billed as a modern spin on Jewish deli classics), then this is a tremendous addition!

  • Eli’s (other jewish deli in dupont) is absurdly expensive too. Went in for a simple reuben and it set me back 12$ with chips. Crazy.

  • Went last night and it was amazing! sandwiches were worth every penny and the knish was the best I’ve ever had.

  • Not my old fashioned NY deli, but for Washington, it’s almost a miracle.

    • I’m more interested in the Attman’s Deli they’re opening in Potomac. Their pastrami is on par with Wagshall’s and way better than Parkway Deli.

  • Went there. It was awesome food with a modern take on the classics. Don’t think that they are trying to be an old-school deli, but more of a modern deli that uses the cuisine as inspiration. Think how Raiska “interprets” Indian food or The menu definitely branches out beyond classic deli–roast chicken was on the dinner menu and the sides are beyond your typical chips and pickle, though you order them separately. (All this said, I have to say that the pastrami sandwich was pretty incredible with a side order of the fries).

  • it’s really good. worth the price good.

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