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  • Citroen DS. Possibly the most technologically advanced (for its time) automobile ever produced. And its f*%&ing gorgeous. Never seen one in DC. is that on L St?

  • This is right in front of my office! 13th & G. Sadly, it is not my car.

  • yep… citroen

  • Citroen DS. Featured in Fantomas movies.

  • Citroen DS19. Arguably the greatest car ever made. If I do buy another car, it will surely be a Citroen (though likely either a XM or CX).

    • I _might_ acknowledge that it was the best car ever made… for it’s time…in France. But going any farther than that is pure unadulterated nonsense.

      • I agree. I drove multiple Citroens when I spent time in France a few years ago, and they were each designed weirdly, simply for the sake of being weird. Beyond that, they were really rather mediocre.

        On the other hand, the European Ford products were a lot nicer than their U.S. counterparts.

      • So, your choice would be…?

        Honestly, unless you’re going throw down a Cord 810 or a Jaguar E-Type, I’m not sure what single model better qualifies.

  • PDleftMtP

    Anyone who doesn’t know that this is needs to watch more Bond movies.

  • It had hydraulics on the suspension. There was no jack. If you needed to change a tire you just adjust the suspension all the way up and place a jack stand under the car, let the suspension back down on the jack stand and change away. It also used vegetable oil for the hydraulics.

    • Those things cornerd amazingly well, but as with all French cars – are a pain to maintain.
      Interesting political tidbit – Mitt was driving a DS when he was stuck by another vehicle.

  • Yes, i think this is the DS21 though…not the DS19. It was voted as the most beautiful car ever made. Also one of the longest running productions of any car. Great color. Featured in many many movies… including Munich….which was a really nice one.

  • My grandmother had two in her garage: a sedan as above, and a wagon version. Both were absolutely lovely, mint, and barely driven. As she got older and alone and vulnerable, and her mechanic retired, a tenant who rented a basement room convinced her she needed to be practical and trade him the DS Sedan in exchange for his skanky early 80s mazda wagon… and she did it!

  • i’m not really a car guy, but this car is insanely rad.

  • reminds me of European Vacation

  • I’ve also seen this same car in Georgetown, turning up Wisconsin towards Tenley. It’s an older blonde woman, no idea if she’s actually French but she has great taste…would love to see her house.

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