Shots Fired in 600 block of Quebec Place, NW – Violent Sunday in DC

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From MPD:

At approximately 10:30 PM on October 14, 2012, two complainants were walking in the 900 block of Quincy Street, NW, when they were approached by two subjects. The first suspect displayed a semi-automatic handgun and ordered the complainants to get on the ground. Both suspects then demanded the complainants’ property. The complainants complied and handed over their property. The suspects then fled northbound in the 3800 block of 10th Street, NW, on foot.

The lookout for the suspects is:

1) Black male, 18-22 years old, armed with a semi-automatic handgun.
2) Black male, no further description.

Additionally, shortly after 1 AM on October 15, 2012, a complainant was delivering food to the 600 block of Quebec Place, NW, when a suspect approached his vehicle, displayed a handgun, and demanded the complainant’s property. A second suspect then opened the complainant’s car door and also displayed a handgun. The complainant put his vehicle in gear and sped off. As he was driving away, the second suspect opened fire at the complainant’s vehicle. The complainant was not injured during the ordeal.

The lookout for the suspects in this case is:

1) Black male, wearing a blue hat, blue pants, and a black jacket, armed with a handgun.
2) Black male, wearing a black hat and blue jacket.

Fourth District detectives are investigating whether these robberies are related. Anyone with information regarding these crimes are asked to call 1-888-CRIM[E] or 202-727-9099.

According to MPD’s twitter feed there were 11 robberies on Sunday 4 of which were robbery gun and 4 of which were robbery force/violence.

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  • What is this – the Redskins win and the guns come out!? Boo.

    • Maybe they bet on the Vikings and had to come up with some cash fast.

    • I have to respond to this because you’re not the only one on this blog to make cutesy comments on a deadly serious topic (emphasis on “deadly”). Maybe I’m being humorless today, but I don’t find your (probably joking) comment that if only the criminals would be pacified like children by their Redskins winning, then they wouldn’t engage in serious crime. It reads like you are far removed from the violence and a totally disinterested party. Would you write this had it been your brother who was attacked in his car? “Oh, man. My brother was attacked this weekend, but the Redskins won. Boo that. They should be nicer when our team wins.” Real people were involved in this- show some respect and please refrain from the jokes.

      • Yeah, you’re humorless. But thanks for playing.

      • gotryit

        I’m with anonymous 11:17. There are a lot of things I’ll joke about, but this one doesn’t feel right.

        I understand anger, fear, even not caring, but mocking just seems wrong.

      • if i wanted crass comments i’d read dcist. or the wapo comment section.

      • Not sure if this was in response to me or Tongo Red (or both), but I must apologize. This set of crimes is very distressing for me as I live three blocks away. I was merely trying to express my frustration that when anything good happens (I am a huge Redskins fan), there is always something bad that comes along with it. Humor helps me deal with the crap in life (including my own mugging incident – with a knife, though, not a gun), but I realize that this isn’t the best tactic for everyone. I am sorry for offending anyone.

  • There have been some many gun robberies this year in Ward 4 and there was an article in the Washington Post yesterday regarding a rash of robberies in Northwest. I suggested to Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser and Mayor Vincent Gray, there need to be a town hall meeting on crime for the entire Ward 4. In the past, Mayors Anthony Williams and Adrian M. Fenty had town hall meeting for all of Ward 4 on crime. Fenty had a town hall meeting on crime for Ward 4 during his tenure as Ward 4 Councilmember and former Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey was in attendance. Citziens are very concern all over Ward 4 regarding gun robberies and they post their concerns on 4D’s listserv. I haven’t seen any comments from Muriel Bowser or Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander on MPD listservs. Most D.C. residents don’t know who Paul Quander is and they don’t know there’s a Deputy Mayor for Public Safety. Things will get worse once the holidays get here.

    • saf

      I saw this on the listserv too.

      What do you think yet another “town hall meeting” will accomplish?

      • Saf, probably nothing will happen by having a town hall meeting. However, it couldn’t hurt if Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser, Mayor Vincent Gray, or Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier conducted at town hall meeting on crime in Ward 4. According to 4D’s listserv, Commander Kimberly Missouri has invited residents to attend this Thursday night’s Citizens Advisory Council meeting at 7 p.m. at the Fourth District community room. Citizens from all neighborhoods within the Fourth District show turn out in large numbers demanding that something must be done about gun robberies and other violent crime taken place in our community. However, there’s so much apathy within many communities. People complain on blogs, however, they will not attend meetings and voice their opinions in person to MPD and elected officials. It’s so sad. Faints at computer.

        • saf

          I don’t know about you, but I am burned out on meetings. I talk to my ANC commissioner regularly, but haven’t been to an ANC meeting in a while (partly because I find it exhausting, partly because I have rehearsal that night).

          I’ve been to PSA meetings, but not in quite a while. Again, they exhaust me without any visible return. I haven’t found much use in CAC meetings either.

          When the “Petworth Action Committee” used to hold public meetings I went to those too. But they were so poorly run, and showed so clearly that only one person’s agenda was being promoted as the community’s agenda, I made it plain to our local officials and the PAC why I wasn’t coming back.

          I am not interested in empty promises. I am SICK of empty promises.

          I am interested in real community engagement, but it doesn’t seem like that’s a goal of much of our governmental structure.

          Oh, and if I end up in another meeting with Mr. “I want to talk about parking,” I may simply scream and flee, rather than sit through that diatribe AGAIN.

          I have tried to talk to our local officers. Some are great, some are not. Some really do care, and I appreciate them. But the cops are not getting the job done, and I think there has GOT to be a better way to improve neighborhood quality of life than more meetings.

          Still working on what that might be though. There’s the problem. Finding the better way…

          • Saf, I agree about all the useless meetings and broken promises. I am frustrated and attending the CAC meeting on Thursday night will be a waste of my and other residents times.

            Thursday nights is my television night that I watch the Vampire Daries and Persons of Interest on the CW and CBS networks. LOL

          • saf

            I can’t tell if you’re serious here or not.

          • Saf, I am very serious. I’ve attended PSA, CAC, Civic Association, and ANC meetings over the years to get broken promises.

            However, the elected leadership has a responsiblity to their constituency by taking legislative or some other type of action to address gun robberies. Most my neighbors seem not to care about public safety because they hear or read about these gun robberies and other crimes in the our neighborhood and they continue to remain silent. I guess, people feel helpless. Maybe D.C. Councilmembers feel the same too.

          • saf

            OK. So you agree with me that action is needed, but more and more meetings don’t seem to be cutting it?

            I don’t think we need more laws either. I think we need more enforcement and more community engagement. This doesn’t seem hard to me, but it has proven to be impossible, hasn’t it.

            So, how do we make that happen?

          • Saf, I don’t have an anwer to your question. However, MPD doesn’t enough manpower to patrol in our neighborhoods. With this being the Nations Capital, MPD officers are often deployed elsewhere for big events.

    • I have found Muriel Bowser responsive when it comes to constituent issues. However, I just wrote to her to ask for real change. Specifically:

      I am a ward 4 home owner near Shepherd St and 14th. It is a wonderful
      community but recently crime has gotten out of control. My 60 year old
      neighbor is afraid to go into her back alley to take her trash out.
      Last week, one of my neighbors was attacked at 1:00 in the afternoon
      in front of his house by teenagers attempting to rob him (as reported on this blog). Today the
      MPD report numerous shootings and robberies all around ward 4.

      I am writing to you because it seems that it is time this city get
      serious about dealing with the crime problem. No more town meetings, I
      am asking you to submit legislation and push it from inside the
      council that will get these criminals off the street. Regardless if it
      is increased penalties for violent offenders (regardless of age) a or
      mandatory sentencing (which would help reduce the burden on an
      overworked DC court system and police) , please help your consistent
      fight back against crime.

      Please take action.


      McLoven Petworth

  • This article was in the Washington Post yesterday regarding a rash of gun robberies in Ward 4. Muriel Bowser and Vincent Gray have been silent on this issue.

  • I cannot wait for the winter. All this gun-shooting and street robbing dies down quite a bit when it’s cold and nasty outside.

  • Someone also got mugged at knife-point in the 600 block of Irving Street Saturday afternoon.

  • The 600 and 700 blocks of Quincy and RCC have had more of this type of crime than the rest of Park View. The source / house(s) causing the problem have to be known.

    • I live on one of the blocks mentioned and I’d dispute your assertation that these blocks have “problem houses.” However, both streets are on the way to the metro from points east and have bus stops for the H8. More foot traffic = more potential victims.

    • Quincy is not part of Park View (the border is Rock Creek Church Road).

      Did you mean Quebec?

  • Last Sat night around 10:30pm, my friend am I were walking up Meridian Place towards 14th St to stop in the GetAway when two punks came out of the alley right behind Johnny’s. One pointed a gun at my friend while the other one tried to stop me, we both plowed thru them running up the last quarter block to 14th st. A police report was filed. But what the hell is going on around here? I have lived in CoHi for 10 years and never head anything like this happen, I mean I could see people eating outside at the GetAway and ThaiTanic while they attempted to mug us. This is just too brazen and it seems from the posting above that this is an unsettling trend. The police need to take notice and do something. I believe that all this uptick in crime is related to a few groups or individuals.

    • you plowed through a guy with a gun and just ran away?! i’ve always wondered what i’d do in this type of situation – was it not a real gun? did they fire at you? did you run in a zig zag pattern? regail us!

      • OMG soo scary!!! I live right there and just got home at 1030. There are usually some punks at Johnny’s so maybe that makes them feel safe, but usually thats a big cop spot, they often park it for the night with big lights.

        I have never felt scared at 14th and Meridian in the 2 years I have lived there, until this post (not scared does not equal having guard down, before you call me naieve)

        • PS If this ever happens again, you can scream real loud and I will call the cops for you. 1030 is my bedtime, but I always call when I hear something.

  • Why worry about an increase in crime or concerns about it when you can make pretty playgrounds? The Mayor has to tweak his priorities.

    • Wasonh, I understand your point, but the problem has multiple layers. Community development (such as playgrounds) increases residents’ wills to raise themselves above the rabble that commits crimes, encourages them to act to improve their lot, etc. Improving schools is another factor in this. The long-term effect of these things is better-educated, better-socialized children who are more likely to be educable and employable.

      But the other side of me appreciates that it would be nice if the mayor worked totally to eradicate the stinking shit that commits these crimes.

    • i think running a city might be more layered and complicated than you’re imagining.

  • Jesus. Just when I think our neighborhood has turned a corner. I live a block from Quebec. I feel like we need to be prisoners in our home once the sun sets. Another town hall meeting will accomplish nothing. I can’t wait to cash out in a few years and move elsewhere. We have a baby on the way and I thought my biggest worry would be schools in that area. Not getting shot after work by the roving thugs the city pays to house so we can all feel politically correct and good about ourselves.

    • Wow, troll strawman troll much?

      a) please show proof that the city houses these specific individuals
      b) please show how all persons living in low-income housing are criminals
      c) please show how all low-income housing is created simply to make white folks feel better about themselves

      • He lost me at “I can’t wait to cash out in a few years and move elsewhere.” Just another entitled owner who sees his house and neighborhood as an ATM, rather than a place to positively contribute. Looks like DC absorbed some of these idiots from the rest of the country who didn’t learn any of the lessons of the financial crisis.

        • Looks to me like DC absorbed some people who, as the crime of the last several decades keeps coming (despite city improvements in recent years), realize they need to check out before their children become orphans. It’s a primal, self-protective action, just as are the actions of the badly socialized thugs who steal and murder to take care of themselves. I have to respect the former far more than the latter.

        • Yea, I tried to ignore that part.

          I’d say DC absorbed a very large quantity of these folks, due to the abundance of cheap available housing and Fed. govt/Fed. contractor employment – DC had a surplus of cheap housing and never lost jobs the way every other big city did.

          • Please tell me where this cheap, available housing is in the city.

          • anonymous,

            if you just moved here (in say the last 3-5 years) you missed the boat.

            If you moved here before then… almost every neighborhood in DC outside of Dupont, Georgetown and Foggy Bottom (and the mansions of Ward 3, of course).

    • Right, I’m with you, I so so fear the roving gun toting thug factor in this City. Clearly a problem that seems like it will never end given the city’s lack of effective leadership response and the way juvenile crime in particular is handled. Did you see the Post article – “closed homicide cases, claims of self defense in a street shooting, no follow up on breaking gun rules”? I seriously sometimes think there is just no hope it will get better.

      • Did you miss the first line in that article that said homicides are at the lowest level in 40 years?

        And it’s been said on this blog and others many times, but neighborhoods like Park View and Petworth have long had issues with crime. Your arrival won’t change that overnight and you were naive if you thought it would.

        • +10,000

          People over-hype the crime issues in NW DC. Yeah, there’s some bad eggs around town but crime has dropped immensely in all areas of NW. It’s entitled to complain that the area isn’t improving fast enough simply because you want a fatter return on your house purchase. The MPD and the city has done a heck of job turning these places around. The house flippers need to STFU and get out.

        • The lowest in 40 YEARS?!? Wow!! I guess we should just stop right there, no use setting the bar higher or expecting even more from our elected officials. Good enough is good ENOUGH, people!

      • Lived on Quebec for 3 years and never heard gunshots before. Except for the last few weeks, the street feels pretty safe to me.

  • not to be crass. but who delivers food at 1 am? That in of itself seems dangerous to me.(for the delivery person).

  • Put it in gear, speed forward, shots fired, put it in reverse and run the fucker over.

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